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  1. xP3NG3Rx

    c++ [RLS]RenderTarget

    Hide it in the overout function.
  2. xP3NG3Rx

    open [Python]Auto Trade

    Oh lord. Those are using hooking/detouring methods written under c++.
  3. xP3NG3Rx

    open [Python]Auto Trade

    Of course it isn't working because they removed those functions.
  4. xP3NG3Rx

    c++ [RLS]RenderTarget

    No, I really don't need to.
  5. xP3NG3Rx

    open Jigsaw Slot Problem

    You mean 48h
  6. xP3NG3Rx

    open Jigsaw Slot Problem

  7. xP3NG3Rx

    c++ [RLS]RenderTarget

    https://mega.nz/#!WZoUVYYa!0__Sydk-EMmwGJT7HjHPyjnHcu51I_8FafyIZCmRzNg As I said before, this is just an example, don't paste it into your source, it won't work with this base!
  8. xP3NG3Rx

    c++ [RLS]RenderTarget

    Something like that, but for weapons this is a bit messed up, not every camera view good for the different kind of weapons. But now I'm having fun. When I'm done I'll post it here, but my base is totally GF like, so, might not be fit 100% for this base.
  9. xP3NG3Rx

    c++ [RLS]RenderTarget

    Good idea
  10. Until I have no solution to decompress the new compression type6 I have only this of the v19: https://mega.nz/#!2AxGkayZ!NkXbcnRdXZX6u_W3L5Q0D2ayPSxj81-wD7nRZ-2Ympk
  11. xP3NG3Rx

    People for translate

    Ja ja genau, du musst in Ruhe bleiben. Matuszka is a good guy, sometimes he is so naive, but he deserves the money, I guess. Also he's making precise work.
  12. xP3NG3Rx

    Emoji in TextLine

    If you mean you need a function which shows the correct keyboard combination with text and also make it to work like what does it say, just hire a dev who can code it to you.
  13. xP3NG3Rx

    Emoji in TextLine

    What do you mean?
  14. xP3NG3Rx

    Emoji in TextLine

    Wow, thank you, looks nice