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  1. open

    No, I didn't. I have no idea =/
  2. open

    Thank you so much, now the client starts. @Ken I have another laptop, to be honest not mine but I can use it sometimes and it contains Windows 10 x64 as on mine also and the Xigncode is working well on it. HIKARI_AUTH: HIKARI-CH1: YAMI_AUTH: YAMI-CH1:
  3. open

    Now I can't, on my laptop the client doesn't start, it is crashing because of the xigncode, and that laptop isn't here where I can open the client.
  4. open

    As I said I want to connect to one of the ongame servers.. And I tried a lots of proxies with application and without also, I don't know what is understandable. And yes, I tried also that one cyberghost bullshit, gold digger shit, didn't working for me.
  5. Hello there! Somebody knows a working solution to reach the brazilian servers? I tried many of proxy servers w/ and w/o Ultrasurf also, but the state of the servers is "..." and I can't log in. Yeah, I want to decrypt it, but I cannot while I can't log in =/ Thank you in advance.
  6. open

    I think the problem is the public new character select, I'm thinking of the gf like.
  7. open

    There is the problem, your exchangedialog.py hasn't the Owner_Cheque_Value object.
  8. open

    Let me to introduce the Search function.
  9. Well, the ramadan is here, I am not worrying about the food, because it isn't allowed to eat, so why not? <sarcasm detected> I'm atheist. <edit>
  10. This bug is so nice . I didn't know about it. Here is the fixed hanma_boss folder to Nemere: https://mega.nz/#!qRQTxCwZ!cpDvUUxyJisdaFSdJo0RRFViQbdFLusudaQTmtNNZxc The Razador still resists to me >,< yamachun_boss (Razador): https://mega.nz/#!6QADgYpI!Z9aMiFcGqXTU9QnnsAg0vD2otk4MyvaY4PcqnO9dsvg
  11. open

    It could be a wrong coded python file also.
  12. Change the size of the virtual board also, named by "window".
  13. open

    The system was written like that, it modify the CoverButton image of the slot and don't reset back to the base. Open your uiInventory.py and search the RefreshSlot function of the BeltInventoryWindow class, and replace it with this: def RefreshSlot(self): getItemVnum=player.GetItemIndex for i in xrange(item.BELT_INVENTORY_SLOT_COUNT): slotNumber = item.BELT_INVENTORY_SLOT_START + i self.wndBeltInventorySlot.SetCoverButton(slotNumber, "d:/ymir work/ui/game/quest/slot_button_01.sub",\ "d:/ymir work/ui/game/quest/slot_button_01.sub",\ "d:/ymir work/ui/game/quest/slot_button_01.sub",\ "d:/ymir work/ui/game/belt_inventory/slot_disabled.tga", False, False) self.wndBeltInventorySlot.SetItemSlot(slotNumber, getItemVnum(slotNumber), player.GetItemCount(slotNumber)) self.wndBeltInventorySlot.SetAlwaysRenderCoverButton(slotNumber, True) if player.IsAvailableBeltInventoryCell(slotNumber): self.wndBeltInventorySlot.EnableCoverButton(slotNumber) else: self.wndBeltInventorySlot.DisableCoverButton(slotNumber) self.wndBeltInventorySlot.RefreshSlot()
  14. There is the file request topic, my god. But here they are: NEW* Mit Icon https://mega.nz/#!CksyRQgI!9xEp3XIYvV0mtHccPLTjj7N2701JSjaCmTAqj2fW-JE NEW* ICON: https://mega.nz/#!uocVQBxC!NUF4lAI3gXC3poK7_-lkE7DDjy5oRs-NoTPP6hPv3p8 From .BR client by Red from another board.
  15. open