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  1. Hello, This little thing is marks your pet seal into your inventory like the autopotion. Open PetSystem.cpp and replace or make it fit for you: void CPetActor::SetSummonItem(LPITEM pItem) { if (NULL == pItem) { LPITEM pSummonItem = ITEM_MANAGER::instance().FindByVID(m_dwSummonItemVID); if (NULL != pSummonItem) pSummonItem->SetSocket(1, FALSE); m_dwSummonItemVID = 0; m_dwSummonItemVnum = 0; return; } pItem->SetSocket(1, TRUE); m_dwSummonItemVID = pItem->GetVID(); m_dwSummonItemVnum = pItem->GetVnum(); } After that open the uiInventory.py and paste this code below the autopotion if-statement in the RefreshBagSlotWindow function. elif itemVnum >= 53001 and itemVnum <= 53256: metinSocket = [player.GetItemMetinSocket(globalSlotNumber, j) for j in xrange(player.METIN_SOCKET_MAX_NUM)]# <!> globalSlotNumber may be different <!> isActivated = 0 != metinSocket[1] if isActivated: self.wndItem.ActivateSlot(i) else: self.wndItem.DeactivateSlot(i)
  2. c++ [FIX] Yang Gold Bug Negative!

    case POINT_GOLD: { UINT newGold = MINMAX(0, GetGold() + amount, g_llMaxGold);//!!!MaxGold SetGold(newGold); val = GetGold(); } break;
  3. I would never use this ugly type of code It hurts when I'm trying to read it.
  4. open System question.

    I will release the mine if I will have time to write the guide for it >,<
  5. Save Login single slot

    Ahh no, leave the python alone.
  6. open [I PAY] Arial font problem

    Maybe this? self.serverInfo.SetText("sv:HQ:ÑÑÑÇatrix") # This is INTENDED! If you change this horrendous thing, fix the dot bug before # (This solves it for the english alphabet) self.serverInfo.SetText("") (c)Wom@Think(?)
  7. Searching for someone who knows python

    Or explain your problem here, maybe?
  8. v17.5 Beta new packs are here! New dungeon w/ weapons, armors, mobs, sashes. New Halloween minigame gui files, costumes, pet and mount with 2 textures. And so on.. https://mega.nz/#!OUIyVZDD!ype03n5EIuKbBkz0JzSGHCMHPBtjhZbbwUSYxYgt2ew I wasn't update my proto packer yet. I cannot decrypt the mob_proto because of the changed structure. And the item_proto is containing a lot of new informations, new types, subtypes, applytypes and so on. item_proto: https://mega.nz/#!qBwCmKBC!wYp28d456Npdza9xOHZ5_zjFTQRRhNCtj9rxUtSHurE
  9. c++ New Item Type = ITEM_GACHA

    Hi there! Here you can see my all modifications about this codes, what I showed in my video, when you split or stack the same items the opening count will be correct always. <!> Carefully, it could be different name of variables, and different types what you have to fix by yourself <!>
  10. New Metin2 Armor - Official GameForge

    Sometimes the brazilian servers insert the new updates earlier than gayforge.
  11. New Metin2 Armor - Official GameForge

    You can find in this patch.
  12. v17.4 Beta new packs (Nothing special) https://mega.nz/#!uVIjQDoY!kukBR-pFoxQqMzgt7cbVIAmYnTnepcXu6-_op1CDKVI
  13. https://mega.nz/#!XMxCXZba!mAB7CZelo-MWrzqKb8XXyoct-xY6Ry1VEBsDrhbspcw
  14. Series Request

    If you want to feel sad yourself watch the "13 reasons why" - I watched in row the whole, I couldn't stop it.
  15. c++ New Item Type = ITEM_GACHA

    dump_proto Btw, works fine.