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  1. Post your desktop.

  2. patch1 or patch2 or season.
  3. [Collection] File Requests

  4. Don't even say. #fulltardcodes
  5. Looking for an old mall.tga itemshop coin

    https://mega.nz/#!PJwAVa7Q!g-ZBTTEirLVgKkZdBzDQ7lVdvViodhOxwxK7HZfCybA You're welcome.
  6. What are you talking about?
  7. Hello everyone, Today I'm gonna share with you the clientside root from the end of the year 2015 by Webzen. Include codes of new interfaces(charselect, charcreate, selectempire), wolfman, acce, pet, costume and skillbook combination, selectattr, pshop search and a lots of modification. These codes are using a lot of new and expanded functions, constant variables which require the source modification. https://mega.nz/#!zcICCARZ!HZl-MVyeWukXb676qs9KCUV2q6S-wL_WXn_DedaPNiI #nosupport #no-no&no
  8. c++ Transparency check for images

    Damn! Holly cancer of the life. Thank you my luv.
  9. Hello guys. I'm here with the v17.2 and the v17.3 patches. 17.3 New gaya gui files + npcs New fish event gui files New changelook gui file (I've got this 3 weeks ago :P) New party match gui files New ranking gui files Unpacked protos: DE, CZ and HU (XML + TXT) Dumped root files + builtins <!> INFORMATIONS ONLY <!> https://mega.nz/#!aNgABRjS!SUCh-DVHxvc5LWbTMow9VOcGKPAvZmtQjeiEDz6ynmg
  10. open Access to the brazilian servers?

    No, I didn't. I have no idea =/
  11. open Access to the brazilian servers?

    Thank you so much, now the client starts. @Ken I have another laptop, to be honest not mine but I can use it sometimes and it contains Windows 10 x64 as on mine also and the Xigncode is working well on it. HIKARI_AUTH: HIKARI-CH1: YAMI_AUTH: YAMI-CH1:
  12. open Access to the brazilian servers?

    Now I can't, on my laptop the client doesn't start, it is crashing because of the xigncode, and that laptop isn't here where I can open the client.
  13. open Access to the brazilian servers?

    As I said I want to connect to one of the ongame servers.. And I tried a lots of proxies with application and without also, I don't know what is understandable. And yes, I tried also that one cyberghost bullshit, gold digger shit, didn't working for me.