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  1. Hello, This little thing is marks your pet seal into your inventory like the autopotion. This arrives with the v17.5 patch. Open PetSystem.cpp and replace or make it fit for you: void CPetActor::SetSummonItem(LPITEM pItem) { if (NULL == pItem) { LPITEM pSummonItem = ITEM_MANAGER::instance().FindByVID(m_dwSummonItemVID); if (NULL != pSummonItem) pSummonItem->SetSocket(1, FALSE); m_dwSummonItemVID = 0; m_dwSummonItemVnum = 0; return; } pItem->SetSocket(1, TRUE); m_dwSummonItemVID = pItem->GetVID(); m_dwSummonItemVnum = pItem->GetVnum(); } After that open the uiInventory.py and paste this code below the autopotion if-statement in the RefreshBagSlotWindow function. elif itemVnum >= 53001 and itemVnum <= 53256: metinSocket = [player.GetItemMetinSocket(globalSlotNumber, j) for j in xrange(player.METIN_SOCKET_MAX_NUM)]# <!> globalSlotNumber may be different <!> isActivated = 0 != metinSocket[1] if isActivated: self.wndItem.ActivateSlot(i) else: self.wndItem.DeactivateSlot(i)
  2. Hello everyone. With this you can define everything in a structured array; bonuses(types only, the maximal value will be set) and sockets. I know the code is a bit wierd, I've tested on bsd where I have only gcc4.2 from 2k7 :| so I had to rewrite it to compile with it. I'm too lazy to upgrade the gcc and all stuffs what need after all. I filled up the set for warrior only :> https://pastebin.com/V27Hh8qn And last if you want to increase of decrease the set of equpments you must to edit this aswell: ITEM_SET_EQUIP_MAX PS.: If you are smart enough, you can also use it for starter equpment for the new players or whatever you like.
  3. xP3NG3Rx

    c++ [RLS] item_full_set renewal

    I do not prefer to use the SetForceAttribute and SetSocket functions in loops, every each call sends an UpdatePacket . From the CHARACTER::EquipItem the CItem::EquipTo will run down where the UpdatePacket will be called.
  4. xP3NG3Rx

    ZODIAC TEMPLE - WIP - meleme18 & R0berTT

    Do you mean like this? Official timer_gauge.sub Probably if I solved the trouble with the subimages I'm gonna release it. Mine is working with images only at the moment like asdr.tga
  5. Hello everyone. It's a good day to share an old code with you. First of all you need to know: I don't help to install it. Don't even take the contact with me about it. The whole code is written by me, and reversed from official binaries. At the beginning do a backup for your files(srcs+pys) and READ CAREFULLY the readme. W/o brain.exe please close this tab, or your browser, thank you for your understanding. Preview: Download.exe Enjoy & #h4v3fun, pngr
  6. xP3NG3Rx

    open Save Button Status

    The client is full of examples even the source too. And here in the QA section the bumping is allowed every two days only and not daily. Why aren't you looking for another hobby if you aren't able to solve any problems of yours?
  7. Beta entire client is here unpacked: Download + Protos New emotions, emoticons Video New halloween content (pet, mount, costumes, hairstyles) Lots of haven't seen gui elements in the etc. And so on. Have fun with it. New german protos from beta, they increased the ITEM_APPLY_MAX_NUM 3 -> 4 (Only the german locale contains the new struct ) https://mega.nz/#!fUpVUKSY!b8IiFbwJjnzRHTGwI4UEojtSHO7S7NA5WvbKpzGMppA
  8. Hi, developers! Before you start, create a backup from your source files immediately! Today I'm gonna share with you my last work. I have read every informations from the official binary from beta(metin2client_r11185) and r7071. It was not an easy task to understand functions but successed. I will not write down the implementation step by step, but I wrote some informations into the files what you should to do to implement the system. If you do not understand the steps I put original(from dev branch) and modified files into the archive to compare the original and the changed files with notepad++ or something else comparer tool to see the changes. - There are some files which optional changes to show the mob-aiflag on those monsters which are not aggressive but summoned by aggressive with "/ma" command. - There was a little problem with Python 2.7.3 therefore I split asunder the gui-script. And be careful, the main script is using True and False variables. - You can disable the whole system in common/service.h and UserInterface/Locale_inc.h with undefined or with commented macro. I hope everything are understandable and I did not miss something from the release, and sorry for my bad english. Special thanks to TheSLZ for test the implementation. And last but not least here is the result: Download - Mega.nz
  9. xP3NG3Rx

    c++ Cryptopp source

    This is open source but hell yeah.
  10. Latest update. item and mob protos are dumped, in more or less readable xml format. Mob proto got a new value by name ResistFist (xD). Every texts of the quests are in the locale files from now in the locale/XX/locale_quest.txt file. Some gui elements for the quest category. Correction of the dark temple map, probably they discovered that the minimap wasn't show some bridges Download
  11. xP3NG3Rx

    open serverinfo.py how i can achieve it?

    With the official root, you can use it like this way: And also you can use maximum 2 states for every server, separated with "|" like "NEW|CLOSE"
  12. Hello devs. I think that webzen already fixxed this, because I can't reverse the CSlotWindow::OnMouseOver it may be virtualized :sob: The problem is that, when you are trying to make conditions for the slot with runtime mouse overin, the slot doesn't handle the overin event until now. Here is a demonstration video to show the fixxed problem. Without this fix the MouseOverIn event was running down if your cursor came to the slotboard which is the board of the slots :| instead of the slot. It's difficult to explain. Before you start to implement it, make safety backup of your files! 1.) Define the new OverIn event into the SlotWindow class in the ui.py file: 2.) Define new functions and a helper variable into the eterPythonLib\PythonSlotWindow.h. 3.) Make fit, and add the new functions into the eterPythonLib\PythonSlotWindow.cpp. Example usage: def LoadObj(self): self.wndItem = self.GetChild("ItemSlot") self.wndItem.SetOverInEvent(ui.__mem_func__(self.OverIn)) self.wndItem.SetOverOutEvent(ui.__mem_func__(self.OverOut)) def OverIn(self, selectedSlotPos): chat.AppendChat(chat.CHAT_TYPE_INFO, "OverIn %d", selectedSlotPos) def OverOut(self): chat.AppendChat(chat.CHAT_TYPE_INFO, "OverOut")
  13. xP3NG3Rx

    open Help with bonuses

    The player.GetItemAttribute([slotWindow=INVENTORY,] slotPos, attrIndex) returns a tuple, don't forget. attrCount = 0 for i in xrange(player.ATTRIBUTE_SLOT_NORM_NUM): if player.GetItemAttribute(dstSlotWindow, dstSlotPos, i)[0] != 0: attrCount += 1 if attrCount < 4: return True return False
  14. xP3NG3Rx

    c++ [C++] Tab Targeting (GF v16.1)

    This is not selecting all enemies in your range, always choosing the closest target only. If the closest is the target, then it select the second one.
  15. Here are the item and mob proto from .DE The mob_proto struct isn't 100%! https://mega.nz/#!HdJUhKjQ!IItX_szmsg8miDPWEe64iNoyYnhaFnz190D7CNpBse4
  16. xP3NG3Rx

    DevIL, ILU SDK & Unicows PDB

    Only 1 modification is neccessary in the GuildMarkUploader.cpp file in this funcition: CGuildMarkUploader::__Load: ilCopyPixels(0, 0, 0, SGuildMark::WIDTH, SGuildMark::HEIGHT, 1, IL_BGRA, IL_BYTE, (ILvoid*)m_kMark.m_apxBuf); The ILvoid isn't defined anymore in the il.h, so or you define it by yourself like the following way bellow or just change it to void. typedef void ILvoid;
  17. Hello. I saw this stuff on this and on another board also with bugs or it was incomplete, and I made it to myself. Feel free to use it with your brain. Good to know about this: The name of those items which have attributes will be golden. The skillbook and skillforget items will show the name of skill also. If the item isn't yours than the ownership color will be red instead of yellow. * Készségkönyv = Skillbook(id:50300) * Feledés könyve = Skillforget book(id:70037) PS.: If you have problems with the implementation: start to upgrade your programming knowledges and don't disturb me in private message, I won't answer. Thank you for understanding. https://mega.nz/#!KAh3DQqL!yQQX9o4N8sTsS7Woa4W07C8t5jwp0TV5xg7MHLSFz5Y
  18. xP3NG3Rx

    c++ [C++] Tab Targeting (GF v16.1)

    Here is the official-like version if someone interested in, yeah, I know, it's weird code. The official is in the CPythonCharacterManager class I think, I've put it into the CInstanceBase, and they use different map, but doesn't matter. I did some tests but I didn't stressed out in every situations, so I'm not sure this is safe enough to use. Oh, and I'm using it via python: Pseudo.c
  19. xP3NG3Rx

    [GF] Race height of actors

    Hello. Today I'd like to share this little stuff what I reversed from the official binary a month ago. This will fix the positions of textails(name position changes by every update packet on the main character), and also the position of the emotions when you are on a mount . I've made a little demonstration video where you can see a private server without the fix, my fixxed version and the official aswell. 1. Client/bin/playersettingmodule.py 2. Client/bin/introLoading.py 3. Place the race_height.txt from the official client into the yours and pack it in the root. 4. Client/UserInterface/PythonCharacterManagerModule.cpp 5. Client/GameLib/RaceManager.h 6. Client/GameLib/RaceManager.cpp 7. Client/UserInterface/InstanceBase.h 8. Client/UserInterface/InstanceBase.cpp 9. Client/UserInterface/InstanceBaseEffect.cpp 10. Client/UserInterface/PythonTextTail.cpp 11. Client/GameLib/ActorInstance.cpp I hope you like it, and if you find any problem just let me know in this topic.
  20. Latest update from .DE client: Hydra run content (boss, pet, map) <!> Protos are broken, don't use them <!> Download
  21. xP3NG3Rx

    open Update text in Python

    Yes, create it then if it isn't exists. The binary will call it aprox. 60 times per second.
  22. xP3NG3Rx

    open Update text in Python

    Put it into the OnUpdate function.
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    [Group] Daily Music - Share your favorite!

    Blah blah blah