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  1. Stop copy and paste.. Here is the new one: M2(cz)_EterPacks_17.0.12.7z
  2. https://mega.nz/#!mNBhERhC!Cw5ewv6ncfp7aj2hijvDq7oEzZ8AGeYsNRfefVhSEcI I didn't follow the new patchfiles, so this is the whole pack folder unpacked.
  3. metin2_patch_flame_dragonlair
  4. Alles pub.
  5. As webzen did, via antiflag.
  6. The attaching function w/ right mouse button is located into the uiInventory.py file, because you are clicking on an item in the inventory. You have to check the current opened window to blocks the equiping the sash and make some magic in the "def __UseItem(self, slotIndex):" and "def __SendUseItemPacket(self, slotPos):" The slot highlighting is dependig on what version is that what you are using.
  7. This is one of the minimal requirements of server developing to understand how this works... Nice tutorial btw. Respect!
  8. OMG! I'm going to take a shower with my hair dryer. Please set up a new rule to this topic: NOT ALLOWED REQUESTS AND CADGE!
  9. The client is not containing this set yet...
  10. You're welcome.
  11. v16.5.1 https://mega.nz/#F!XMZ1wKzB!2w6MPTuJiTCyP8cB3MCPJQ ps.: metin2_patch_monster_card and metin2_patch_flame_dragonlair patches are not included yet.
  12. Coming soon...
  13. locale_string.txt? Whaaat? It has nothing to do with it. In my opinion the locale.cancel(locale.lua or translate.lua) is overrided somewhere.
  14. ox-event and uriel hmmm it was an accident.
  15. Where did you midify the values? In the database or in the txt proto?
  16. Because he isn't bought this system. It has been released on -EDIT- yesterday. Nobody will help w/ this.
  17. Those voices omg! MNML<3
  18. There is a public anticheat on this forum, just use the searchbox.
  19. There is a file request thread. DutchProtoDmp.7z
  20. Thank you!
  21. Need a button into the editor, 'coz this way is really complicate to make a release or a guide. 1. Copy the first line of a code from somewhere. 2. Paste it into your editor. 3. Edit it by twice to make it confort. 4. Repeat all every times. This is crazy.
  22. Made my day hahaha @VegaS Sexyy
  23. You have to add a button which set the new distibution mode(2) for party and extend the switch with a new case. party.h enum EPartyExpDistributionModes { PARTY_EXP_DISTRIBUTION_NON_PARITY, PARTY_EXP_DISTRIBUTION_PARITY, PARTY_EXP_DISTRIBUTION_EQUAL, PARTY_EXP_DISTRIBUTION_MAX_NUM }; char_battle.cpp struct FPartyDistributor { int total; LPCHARACTER c; int x, y; DWORD _iExp; int m_iMode; int m_iMemberCount; FPartyDistributor(LPCHARACTER center, int member_count, int total, DWORD iExp, int iMode) : total(total), c(center), x(center->GetX()), y(center->GetY()), _iExp(iExp), m_iMode(iMode), m_iMemberCount(member_count) { if (m_iMemberCount == 0) m_iMemberCount = 1; }; void operator () (LPCHARACTER ch) { if (DISTANCE_APPROX(ch->GetX() - x, ch->GetY() - y) <= PARTY_DEFAULT_RANGE) { DWORD iExp2 = 0; switch (m_iMode) { case PARTY_EXP_DISTRIBUTION_NON_PARITY: iExp2 = (DWORD) (_iExp * (float) __GetPartyExpNP(ch->GetLevel()) / total); break; case PARTY_EXP_DISTRIBUTION_PARITY: iExp2 = _iExp / m_iMemberCount; break; case PARTY_EXP_DISTRIBUTION_EQUAL: iExp2 = _iExp; break; default: sys_err("Unknown party exp distribution mode %d", m_iMode); return; } GiveExp(c, ch, iExp2); } } };
  24. The newest version of the official game client (v16.4.2). A new affect ico(wolfhead) [undiscovered yet] New pet(s) New mount(s) New costumes New models and huds for custome private-shop Many model fixes and corrections, repacks Huds, effects, map for pvp system .UPDATES/m2_16.4.2_21077/