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  1. Hello, someone explain me how i block exp, drop itens and yang when i use for example item with id: 74021? Quest or source? And how? Thanks for help!
  2. Lua_Horus2

    open Bonus page system - Metin2

    Hi guys, someone have this system (bonus page) ? Thank you
  3. Lua_Horus2

    open Passive Bonus and State Point - Metin2

    I will try, thank you!
  4. Lua_Horus2

    open Passive Bonus and State Point - Metin2

    up! Its urgent someone?
  5. Hello guys, today i tried to remove the state point that you get when you up a ball (http://prntscr.com/jt48ty) and remove passive bonus when u level up(http://prntscr.com/jt4a8z) but without success someone can help me? Thanks a lot
  6. Lua_Horus2

    open how i can install illumina in my clinet

    Send to me your skype. I install.