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  1. LordZiege

    open Shoes of Wind - New substitute?

    Search in char.cpp this function: void CHARACTER::ComputePoints() inside function search: if (IsPC()) inside if clause search: SetPoint(POINT_MOV_SPEED, Change value in this bracket to 200 and you have 200 move speed as default for all characters. Kind Regards
  2. LordZiege

    open Block item use when shop window is opened?

    Search in itemData.cpp for BOOL CItemData::IsEquipment() const and extend the cases like this: BOOL CItemData::IsEquipment() const { switch (GetType()) { case ITEM_TYPE_WEAPON: case ITEM_TYPE_ARMOR: case ITEM_TYPE_UNIQUE: return TRUE; break; } return FALSE; } This should work. You can extend for as much as you want. just add the item type for the items you want to block.
  3. LordZiege

    c++ [C++] Increase safebox/warehouse

    EDIT: Fixxed thanks to T4UMP (it was NOT python problem) yes i tried with 15*9 too but 16*9 same result my uisafebox is untouched, only changed size of window. only thing in uisafebox i changed is this:
  4. LordZiege

    c++ [C++] Increase safebox/warehouse

    I made tutorial, but third page dont work very well. The slots are bugged. first and second page work normaly. Edit: here a gif https://puu.sh/CJVw1/c6be943958.gif
  5. LordZiege

    Naga (YMIR Korea Map + Mobs)

    can someone reup?
  6. LordZiege

    c++ [C++] Channel Changer gf-like

    When only Channel 1 online and in Channelchanger you click channel 4 you get kicked. any solution or if clause for ask if channel online or offline?
  7. LordZiege

    open C++ anti experience source problem

    Please post your questlua_pc.cpp via pastebin
  8. LordZiege

    solved Monster appearence

    Found solution: mob_color in mob_proto
  9. LordZiege

    open Sash problem - Metin2

    You missed to update the source for the new sashes. ./UserInterface/InstanceBase.cpp search for this: void CInstanceBase::SetSash(DWORD dwSash) inside this funtcion search this: dwSash > 86000 replace with this: dwSash > 87000 and replace this: dwSash -= 1000; with this: dwSash -= 2000; Should look like this: No go Serversource, game/src/item.cpp search this: else if (GetSubType() == COSTUME_SASH) inside this if clause replace this: toSetValue += 1000; with this: toSetValue += 2000; Should look like this: #Link removed
  10. LordZiege

    c++ [C++/Python]17.5 Element Image on target

    Try with all bonus and look if anyone is working. for me only ATT_ELEC working, all others not.
  11. LordZiege

    c++ [C++/Python]17.5 Element Image on target

    For me it shows only ATT_ELEC and the other 5 element images didnt shown. any solution? think its about the part in the char.cpp
  12. This bug in your gif i dont have thats working good. Thank you, that fixxed mit issue. No System ist working perfect.
  13. i have this problem: no syserr or something.