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  1. open Systems

    du-te tu in pestera
  2. open System effect

    ce e site-ul ala we?
  3. open System effect

    Hy , someone can give my this system? :
  4. open Systems

    Hello , i want shaman support system and invetory lock system (with lock) (gender origins) TY
  5. open Gaya

    give my link pls
  6. open Gaya

    noob you try to scare me fMM
  7. open Txt

  8. open Txt

    i have serverfiles empireoworld2 and i hear i need a special decrypter for item_proto someone have?
  9. open Txt

    how to add in item_proto.txt man
  10. open Txt

  11. open Txt

    Hello , i try to add zodiac armor and weapon , and idk how to add in item_proto , i put only in item_proto client and not working (/i item not exist) i have a 40k svf and my item_proto look like this :
  12. open Gaya

    why? now or later will be free
  13. open Gaya

    ... free version