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  1. Hi guys i am trying to fetch a text from a text file online into my login screen. I was successful but the text is not taking any of its original format, all that matters is the paragraph lines. on the output all lines are merged into one line. This is the code i am using: urltxt =urllib2.urlopen("http://www.whatever.com/News.txt") msj = urltxt.read() And i am setting the text the output of msg self.msg.SetText(msj) How can i fetch the file with the line breaks and paragraphs and get the same format as an output ? Thanks
  2. נσνα

    c++ Sort Inventory(Mini Release)

    Strange thing happening, some items are disappearing after running it. And if you re-run it some might also disappear. Anyone having a similar issue?
  3. נσνα

    problem switch py

  4. נσνα

    open uiswitch.py

  5. נσνα

    open uiswitch.py

    Hey guys, So wanted to implement the switch for normal stats , uiswitch.py. But as i saw for many its creating some problems The system works well , but the changers count is not decreasing each time we switch, and its outputting this error in syserr. This is the uiswitch.py used on the client. https://pastebin.com/udgwPF2G Thanks
  6. נσνα

    open Problem server on virtualbox.

    Yes it can work with noip.com too! but yeah you need to do those changes to make it work...
  7. Hello guys, Introducing the ALL new EraOfMetin2 This server is intended to bring the old rush of pvm/pvp back to the game. You can enjoy both the PVM and PVP very well. This presentation is a small introduction to the server, the gameplay has a lot of special features that you will need to explore yourself. Some of the main features is the PLAY2WIN which you will see the first day you enter the game. Site: https://www.eraofmetin2.com/ Server was re-opened 2 weeks ago : 15/11/2017
  8. נσνα

    open Problem server on virtualbox.

    Ah, you need either make it via hamachi ( change the ip to hamachi ip , and connect the hamachi ethernet to virtualbox then restart whole machine and server, then change ip from client to hamachi ip and its good to go.
  9. נσνα

    open Problem server on virtualbox.

    Is that really a question! did you install mysql and added your database? and simple you can add an account to the account table... Unless you mean a user to your freebsd... but i definitely think its not what you meant
  10. נσνα

    open show gain exp

    Actually TEST_SERVER might enable lots of other features ingame... So if you want just the exp part , you can edit just its function.
  11. נσνα

    open 17.5 "gyeonggong_loop.mse"

    Hello, Here you go : https://mega.nz/#!nYsCUSiR!pwhJveFmIIwvsr6OBuKgfp_kOhNl0nWjiaDGMSFVSoA
  12. נσνα

    ICE Run / Nemeres Warte DL

    You can actually find them if you search better on forums...
  13. נσνα

    [Skill Damage] Ninja Arc

    The archery skills have the dependencies of location ( if you're far or near ) , i have it the default , and the dmg is around yours generally , and even if the assassin is near, it increases the dmg a bit but not this much. Make sure of the function in battle.cpp. if you want post it here so we can compare.
  14. נσνα

    map New Kingdom Maps - Aloria

    Interesting ! would totally buy..