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  1. Legendarul

    map New Dungeon - Solitary II

    Link down, can someone re-upload it looks really nice! ty in advice!
  2. Hello guys can some one help me with that set fire accesories?
  3. Legendarul

    Metin2United is dead

    Shut your mouth child , scammer means everything about you, already alot of people know the truth about you , so you can run away and shout your mouth and don't cry because METIN2UNITED will reborn soon, and you can do nothing to stop that so go and cry with your shit server with my money
  4. Legendarul


    Would you like to reborn metin2united?
  5. Legendarul

    The lost maps of Ymir

    Shogun, can you please reupload the maps? Thanks in advance.
  6. Legendarul

    Speedtree Models Library

    can you reupload the link? ty in advice!
  7. Legendarul

    map Picabo - Stone Case

    so nice map, you are the best congratulation!
  8. Legendarul

    Metin2United is dead

    Metin2Club never can die! Fisher it's not Belius so if you don,t know the true do not say a bullshit words Ve2! Regards Alex! ;-)