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  1. open OX Problem

    In your head exploit. Do you even know what's an exploit?
  2. Ridack Animation $ Throw Money $

  3. Compile the launcher in debug mode, starts a new debugging instance and make the crash happen.
  4. [FAST] Looking for Developer in C++

    You should shut up, dog. If you're hungry go to work, do not cheat people anymore.
  5. open Python dll help

    I think you do not understand. He does not have the source at that private server, he wants to make PythonLoader functional. It does not help what you say about DynamicLib.
  6. [FAST] Looking for Developer in C++

    this guy it's a big scammer, never trust him
  7. solved Sort Inventory

    AddToCharacter take two agrguments not three. INVENTORY_MAX_COUNT dosen't exist in source, unless you changed his name. C++11 is required for these codes to work. You are using lambda expression which is a c++11 feature, same for auto. Here it's the fixed version. You get the errors because your compiler dosen't support C++11. From what source did you steal the codes?
  8. solved Reload() function

    It works.
  9. open Problem get_mount quest function

    tell us how
  10. open Dedicated Server what is needed?

    You need a decent processor, up to 8GB of RAM, a fast network and an advanced HDD. The most important is the network. You need a big band, somewhere at 1gb. To be able to support all 3,000 connections at the same time but not to lose data.
  11. GC - game to client CG - client to game DG - db to game Check this out https://metin2dev.org/board/index.php?/topic/191-cgame-client-client-game-communication-with-packets/&page=1
  12. open Pay for the fix..

    You do not need to pay for this, tell me which version of mysql do you use?
  13. [RLS]Bank System with Password

    I think this guy is Vegas. So he's a great developer.