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  1. Салом

    open IDE's for server src

  2. Салом

    Several toughts

    We don't care about your server. Who the helll care about linux porting(from players) ... If you want to port for you own shake do it, but is waste of time.
  3. Салом

    open core crush

  4. Салом

    open Server memory problem

    No one is a wizard to know, it can be anything. I suspect a system fucked, I mean the FreeBSD operating system. Not the server.
  5. Салом

    Shaman bug attack speed

    Can you explain the bug?
  6. Салом

    [Buy] AuctionHouse Metin2Global

    leave your skype in pm
  7. Салом

    [GF] Race height of actors

    good job
  8. Салом

    c++ [Problem] with the refinement effect

    Do you need pictures when u put penis in pussy ? </ Joke /> In item_proto you have a colum named specular, change the specular numbers maximum is 10 i think. Put specular 10 intro item_proto client, then repack Specular is shining intensity, and 1-10 is the power. You have to change these values in item_proto client.
  9. Салом

    c++ [Problem] with the refinement effect

    You need to set the specular value in item_proto client, if you change in server don't have effect
  10. Салом

    party invite

    Change whole serverfiles, if these basic functions don't work. Think about systems
  11. Салом

    c++ Sort Inventory(Mini Release)

    He sure know to write in english. He is doing in his own way, he only want to learn more programming. Don't complain about a free release, take the system and name how you want the variable names
  12. Салом

    open Metin2 Source

    Is it possible to drive a car without a driver? Is it possible to drive a car without a engine? You better hire a developer or go play minecraft.
  13. Салом

    open databases crashes, server dont start

    That query don't affect the startup of db core
  14. Салом

    open databases crashes, server dont start

    if (!peer) { if (fdwatch_check_event(m_fdWatcher, m_fdAccept, idx) == FDW_READ) { AddPeer(m_fdAccept); fdwatch_clear_event(m_fdWatcher, m_fdAccept, idx); } else { sys_err("FDWATCH: peer null in event: ident %d", fdwatch_get_ident(m_fdWatcher, idx)); } continue; } int fdwatch_get_ident(LPFDWATCH fdw, unsigned int event_idx) { assert(event_idx < fdw->nfiles * 2); return fdw->kqrevents[event_idx].ident; } LPKEVENT kqrevents; typedef struct kevent* LPKEVENT; sys/event.h struct kevent { uintptr_t ident; /* identifier for this event */ short filter; /* filter for event */ u_short flags; u_int fflags; intptr_t data; void *udata; /* opaque user data identifier */ }; from kqueue documentation The fields of struct kevent are: ident Value used to identify this event. The exact interpretation is determined by the attached filter, but often is a file descriptor. Now use your brain and identify event with number 21.
  15. Салом

    open Dragonsoul alchemy inventory bug

    What do you mean by extra money? Regarding your problem, there is the possibility that the cause is the wrong implementation of the 4 inventories. Check the existing tutorials on the internet about the 4 inventories. Anyway, I sent you a private message. Your problem requires checks. xD