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  1. open Visual Studio Linker

    Hi guys. How do I add this option to Visual Studio? I can't compile without it.. Best Regards
  2. open Client Source Error

    It gave me the error anyway...
  3. open Client Source Error

    But i do that to the all source?
  4. open Client Source Error

    I don't know how to do that. I'm new in what means to work with source code. Could you tell me how to do it please?
  5. open Client Source Error

    But the file with that name is there...
  6. open Client Source Error

    Hi guys. I ran the compile on the source and it's the last error that I've got http://prntscr.com/j5r34q Any clue how to solve it?
  7. open FreeBSD problem

    Still can't find "libmysqlclient.so.18" and "libIL.so.2" I have no idea how to get these..
  8. open FreeBSD problem

    I tried to use the forum guide but it doesn't let me use the "make" command. http://prntscr.com/j5l8vu
  9. open FreeBSD problem

    How do I use pkg? The serverfiles needs some libs that isn't there..
  10. open FreeBSD problem

    Hey guys. Does anyone else have the problem with the ports on freebsd servers? I've got this error trying to do the make commands on freebsd: "/usr/ports/Mk/bsd.port.mk" I can't install the compat7x or 6x so I don't the libs necessary to start my Metin2 server. Can anyone help me solve this?
  11. Register Help

    No ideia. I was hoping that someone would give me a code to add to the php index that tells me where is the errors.
  12. Register Help

    Hi guys. I can't register at my own website. I don't see where the error comes from. I will leave you here my script. So that you can help me. <?PHP require ('config/config.inc.php'); if(isset($_POST['register'])) { if(empty($_POST['benutzername']) && empty($_POST['passwort']) && empty($_POST['email']) && empty($_POST['lieblingsfarbe'])) { echo '<p>Bitte alle Felder ausfüllen!</p>'; } elseif(preg_match('/^a-zA-Z0-9@-._ÖöÄäÜü/', $_POST['benutzername']) && preg_match('/^a-zA-Z0-9@-._ÖöÄäÜü/', $_POST['passwort']) && preg_match('/^a-zA-Z0-9@-._ÖöÄäÜü/', $_POST['email']) && preg_match('/^a-zA-Z0-9@-._ÖöÄäÜü/', $_POST['lieblingsfarbe'])) { echo '<p>Es ist nur: a-Z,0-9,@,.,_,- erlaubt!</p>'; } else { $benutzername = mysqli_real_escape_string($con, $_POST['benutzername']); $passwort = mysqli_real_escape_string($con, $_POST['passwort']); $email = mysqli_real_escape_string($con, $_POST['email']); $antwort = mysqli_real_escape_string($con, $_POST['lieblingsfarbe']); } $sql = "INSERT INTO account.account (login, password, social_id, email, create_time, question1, answer1, status, safebox_expire, autoloot_expire, coins) VALUES ('" . $benutzername . "', PASSWORD('" . $passwort . "'), '" . $loeschcode . "', '" . $email . "', '" . $zeit . "', '" . $frage . "', '" . $antwort . "', '" . $status . "', '" . $date . "', '" . $date . "', '" . $registercoins . "')"; $qry = mysqli_query($con, $sql); if($qry) { echo '<p id="nachricht" style="color:green;">Conta criada com sucesso!</p>'; } else { echo '<p id="nachricht" style="color:red;">Registo falhou!</p>'; } } ?>
  13. Anti Exp Ring and Voodoo Armband

    Could you release the full code? I want the ring when used to set the exp to 0 without receiving any exp. And when used again, give to the player the exp he had before.
  14. [SF+CLient] Maxmi V4.1 - Full Lycan

    I'm trying to fix the skill bug but i can't. I solved the 175 skill but the 174 i can't. Instead of giving bonus attack it's talking it. Anyone knows how to solve that problem?

    My shopdialog.py is exactly like that. Where could the error come from?