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  1. Adrian1997

    Horse does not follow the player

    char.cpp search for: if (m_bCharType == CHAR_TYPE_HORSE || GetRaceNum() == 20101 || GetRaceNum() == 20102 || GetRaceNum() == 20103 || GetRaceNum() == 20104 || GetRaceNum() == 20105 || GetRaceNum() == 20106 || GetRaceNum() == 20107 || GetRaceNum() == 20108 || GetRaceNum() == 20109 )
  2. Hi. I have a problem with sash(LeNnT version) in great offline shop window...does not show the correct bonuses...the last 4 bonuses are like 5565% and another type, not the real value/type(if sash have more than 7 bonuses) and if sash have like 4 bonuses all dont show correctly... Thanks in advance.
  3. //solved this is function bool CItem::HasAttrOnlyProtos(BYTE bApply) { for (int i = 0; i < ITEM_APPLY_MAX_NUM; ++i) if (m_pProto->aApplies[i].bType == bApply) return true; return false; }
  4. Adrian1997

    open Solution

    UserInterface/PythonNetworkStreamModule.cpp Search: #include "AbstractPlayer.h" add after #ifdef ENABLE_FIX_D_YMIR_WORK #include <windows.h> #include <string> bool WrongPathYmir(const std::string& dirName_in) { DWORD type = GetFileAttributesA(dirName_in.c_str()); if (type == INVALID_FILE_ATTRIBUTES) return false; if (type & FILE_ATTRIBUTE_DIRECTORY) return true; return false; } #endif search: PyObject* netSetLoginInfo(PyObject* poSelf, PyObject* poArgs) { before char* szName; add: #ifdef ENABLE_FIX_D_YMIR_WORK std::string moduleFake = "**D:\\ymir work\\**"; if (WrongPathYmir(std::string("D") + std::string(":\\") + std::string("ymir") + std::string(" work\\"))) { TraceError("D:\\ymir work folder detected."); ::Sleep(500); exit(0); } #endif It's not made by me This checks the folder when you login in game.
  5. Adrian1997

    open Anti fishbot

    if (g_bChannel != 1) { ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, "You can fish only on ch1."); return; } Should work..i don't know
  6. Adrian1997

    open Random number?

    local money = number(10000, 50000)
  7. Adrian1997

    open Offline shop bug by great

    Yes, sure. The last "public" version it's ok, some bugs but nothing more //edit...i was wrong about string protection Try to put this special character in banword.
  8. Adrian1997

    [HowTo] (un)pack item_proto

    this converter it's not good, socket1,2,3,4,5 should be -1 and the converter mob_proto don't convert correct the ai_flag For item_proto ai recommend Paci converter
  9. Adrian1997

    solved Surce compile error

    check this post:
  10. Adrian1997

    open SECTREE errors

    clear player.object table for sectree erros