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  1. Fire

    Looking For: Offline Shops System.

    Contact me on skype
  2. Fire

    request decoration shop offline by great

    If you are not my customer, you can't talk. Please, feel free to spam in another forum, not here
  3. Fire

    request decoration shop offline by great

    I am selling it
  4. Fire

    Buy someone who fix this

    Contact me, I can fix it today, too
  5. I am sorry for the mistake but I don't understand well your english.
  6. Fire

    open problem

    Open CONFIG file that are into the core folder and put the right password of the database
  7. Can you show how are you blinking the NPC?
  8. Fire

    [BUY]Offline-Shop System

    I contact you in private. https://fire-m2labs.com/shop-decoration/
  9. Fire

    [BUY]Offline-Shop System

    Click on my website. I am selling it
  10. Fire

    open Someone who knows freebsd

    If you don't got a backup you can't do a lot
  11. Fire

    solved Error on src Server won system

    The struct TItemPriceInfo is missing the variable dwPriceCheque
  12. Fire

    open UNKNOWN TYPE BONUS [255]

    Are you setting the right bonus in the proto?
  13. Fire

    open [HELP] Cube+ One NPC

    quest npcshop begin state start begin when 9001.chat."Potts" begin npc . open_shop() setskin(NOWINDOW) end when 9001.chat."Upp" begin npc.open_shop() setskin(NOWINDOW) end when 9001.chat."kommt noch" begin npc.open_shop() setskin(NOWINDOW) end when 9003.chat."kommt noch" begin npc.open_shop(52) setskin(NOWINDOW) end end end