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  1. cubex3

    open Shaman System

    Hello, I just installed the shaman system but I want my shaman to be max. level or have P skills with level 1, can anyone help me? My second bug: My character and my shaman it shows level 0 https://mega.nz/#!HwAU1YhQ!JtXOJZT-Xy1Lbqv_nw1HeJsJLBBDT_JHM0yzBSpbWuo
  2. cubex3

    open Offline Shop Great

    Hello , Yesterday I installed the offline shop system by great. everything works as well. but when I reboot all shops disappear, you can not close them in the database but they are still there.
  3. cubex3

    open VIP

  4. cubex3

    open VIP

    Hei Com, I have add this system: Now the VIP User can write as a GM with Orange front. How i can remove that?
  5. cubex3

    solved Mount like horse follow problem

    Hei How do you fix this Problem ?
  6. cubex3

    VIP Quest writing & Vote Script