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  1. masodikbela


    You can give it int, or you can change the column name in the system, if you use different column for coins in your website.
  2. masodikbela


    This means that the quest cant connect to the mysql OR you dont have coins column in the account table.
  3. Csáó! Fel tudsz jönni skypera? megköszönném

  4. masodikbela

    c++ Transparency check for images

    Does the window have "float" flag anywhere? Because it looks like the same when you add "float" to a window. Also as far as I remember it should work with scaled windows...
  5. Hi there devs, Probably the most of us know the problem when an image contains alpha/fully transparent parts but you can't click trough them and it would be very necessary to do so. This problem is very common with the taskbars, for example with the ilumina taskbar (you know when it looks like you are clicking the ground, but the image is still there but that part is transparent). Video: How to: EterPythonLib\PythonWindow.h EterPythonLib\PythonWindowManagerModule.cpp EterPythonLib\PythonWindow.cpp EterLib\GrpImageTexture.cpp EterLib\GrpImageInstance.h EterLib\GrpImageInstance.cpp By default it won't check the alpha value, so it means that you have to add manually the "alpha_sensitive" flag to the preferred windows/objects (also note that its only effective with an expandedImageBox object and it has some interference with the "float" flag (if both added to the same object)). For the usage check the video. If you have any question, remark, or anything that you like to ask or suggest, feel free to post it here, or send it in PM. Have a nice day, ~masodikbela
  6. Hi there devs, A few months ago I've made a solution for the well-known problems with the character select/logging out which is: once you are about to change character, the stats (ht, st, playtime, etc...) and parts (armor/head) don't update properly: you have to do it twice to see the correct values/items when a character is logging out from the game near to your character you can see a fast equipment change (the character is unequipping everything from him/herself) Explanation for the problems The usual coding video The fix GL for the setup and if you have further question(s), remark(s), or anything that you want to ask or suggest, feel free to post it here, or send it in PM. If you get error(s) please upload the affected (and edited) file(s) to http://pastebin.com/ and link it in your post, to make my work easier and probably I will be able to help you only in one post, so please spare me from asking basic requests like "Could you upload...". Thank you Have a nice day, ~masodikbela
  7. masodikbela

    open Client Decompile

    The short answer: The long answer:
  8. masodikbela


    Why don't you use d.join instead? If the player is in group and he/she is the leader, then the whole group will be teleported into the dungeon, and if not, only the player will be teleported.
  9. masodikbela

    [CLIENT] Teleportation memory leak

    I think I found it... Here in the CreateInstance it creates a new CSpeedTreeWrapper class with a new operator, and as you can see it nowhere gets deleted... EDIT: okay, I was wrong... it gets deleted in CArea::Clear()
  10. masodikbela

    Ready to be online ?

    I didn't read the whole, but for me the "vid" fix is missing... (correct me if I'm wrong) here is mine: https://pastebin.com/gbYUKKP7
  11. masodikbela

    MFC PackManager & ProtoManager

    I found a crash issue (not in your release, but it affects all eterPackMakers, so it maybe affects yours too). When a file's path longer than ~64, it crashes. The problem is that a buffer is too small for this length. In the eterPack\Inline.h u should change the char dir[64(maybe? I don't remember the original number)]; to (for example) char dir[256]; (If u already fixed this problem then just ignore this post)
  12. masodikbela

    MFC PackManager & ProtoManager

    This is in the property, some of its folders/files have Chinese chars in its names. Basically it won't cause any problem (for me) all of the packers can handle this things without problem.