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  1. Hey, @Horinna thanks for feeding back. About the last bug, the system is not doing the same things for the companion. To fix this; Find this line in messenger_manager.cpp m_Relation[account].erase(companion); m_InverseRelation[companion].erase(account); And add this code blog m_Relation[companion].erase(account); m_InverseRelation[account].erase(companion); Best Regards Ken
  2. A small fix about a query of messenger system. When you remove any person on your list, the companion will continue to see your name on his list (when the companion relog in the game again). This query will remove both of them's contact in the database. Best Regards Ken
  3. I've updated the codes again. Good luck
  4. Hi, I'd like to share a small fix about the messenger system. what exactly are we fixing? The main problem is when you remove any person from your list, the companion's messenger list is not refreshing until relog in. Webzen has fixed this situation with a small packet. That packet will provide to remove the name from the list. There is no part of Python because it's already done by Ymir. For serverside For client side Best Regards Ken
  5. hey Ken, send me a private message with your skype adress :o

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  6. open

    @Johnny69 I have looked at the binary file. The only way that you must need to have a Brazil IP Address. I have thought they're blocking it with block country feature of metin2 but when I look at a bit deeper, I saw it wasn't. They're blocking the whole IP addresses on their firewall. About Xigncode - Most people are saying that it's just joke. Also, I'm thinking about why Xigncode is forcing binary to close itself. (Could be incompatible because when I watch the process on Process Hacker 2, the operating system is only running WerFault.exe) When (I'm not talking about loginInfo.xml) is running, it's reading locale.cfg to change something inside. (Including IP Addresses)
  7. open

    I tried to ping the ip addresses but it looks like it's dead. (Including many countries). I think, there is no way to login the server without brazil ip address. Did you try to login the server with a brazil ip address?
  8. open

    After @Johnny69's file, the client is working fine. The only problem is why the server is not respond to client about '..' Did you figure out or still same?
  9. open

    I have the same problem at the moment. Xigncode is forcing binary to close for one reason. I have thought that they have blocked the ip addresses. However, it looks like xigncode is blocking us If I find any way, I'll let you know about it. PS1: It looks like Xigncode is incompatible with Windows 10. (That's the reason why you can't open it - I guess) The operating system is trying to stop it (Werfault.exe) when you try to open metin2client.bin. I will test the server on the other operating system.
  10. open

    Can you post the brazil server's ip address and ports? I'd like to test something on it, then I can tell you. Best Regards Ken
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  14. Hi i saw your post about duplicate connection on OX map . Could u help me to make that function for other maps. because map_attender is only on OX function.

    I want to make it through getmapindex.

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    2. Ken


      You have to keep IP address in the map to search it. Then you can find the multiple connections from the map. I did this for ox event. It's probably be same.

    3. r0bertt69


      It didn't work when i used getmapindex function to read ip connection . Cause function use m_map_attender from ox . An that function i don't have on other maps.

    4. Ken


      You have to keep that IP address which map index you want. If you can't, you can't check it.

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