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  1. Hi, i want to buy systems from you, are you available? :) PLS leave a PM

  2. Hello. I want more inforamtions about GameGuard and then maybe buy it.

  3.  Hi How much for source 

  4. How much for:

    Costume Transfer?

    Skillbook System?

    New config options from gameforge ?

    Just message me


  5. Ken can you add me Skype : humanfor_u need to talk about buying source 

  6. Hi Ken. I have a problem with 40k servers.

    I can not connect to my server from external network. (Kick after char select)

    With 34k / 2089 I can , but with Surakopf.

    If you know to fix this problem I pay you.


  7. Hey Can you Add me in Skype please i have 1,2,3 Questions

    Skype Id: sanja94.

  8. Hi I want buy it  Fixed client/server source files + 5th character

    Add me please on skype:


  9. Hi i Buy things Skype mt2absolut

  10. hello when you see my message could you add me on Skype(tziak98) i would to make a pet system for me

  11. you Skype?   i buy metin2

  12. Hi, I would like source : 

    + Offline Shop
    + Sash Shoulder System
    + No ymir license
    + Removed the time limitation
    + New CheckVersion
    + Fix. Internal IP
    + membuf-errors (Stupid error that consume much RAM)
    + change_name enabled with every local
    + fix item.remove()
    + HP/MP Fix.
    + Negative HP Fix.
    + Cube crash Fix.
    + Dice Crash Fix.
    + War Crash Fix.
    + Dungeon Crash Fix
    + Possibility to modify the database structure (SQL / TXT) via CONFIG.
    + Global Chat
    + SQL Injection Fix.
    + Sequence mismatch header 245 fix.
    + Sura sword fix.
    + Mount/Unmount bug fix.
    + Warrior skill fix.
    + Stone bug fix.
    + 6/7 enabled
    + 6/7 fixed on costume
    + All mounts can attack
    + Transparent bug fixxed
    + Python 2.7
    + Granny 2.9
    + Mount speed fix.
    + Possibility to modify the database structure (SQL / TXT) via CONFIG.
    + Global Chat+ Global Chat
    + Clean client
    + Fix. shop 0 yang

    and  - Full client protection,   Anti-Cheat 

    price ? 

  13. hey , i have a problem with sql injection am tried to fix but nothing work... please help me...  

  14. hi i have this problem when end core

    syserr in db

    SYSERR: Mar 10 14:59:39 :: pid_init:
    Start of pid: 3103

    SYSERR: Mar 10 15:20:19 :: Process: FDWATCH: peer null in event: ident 21
    SYSERR: Mar 10 15:20:21 :: Process: FDWATCH: peer null in event: ident 22
    SYSERR: Mar 10 15:20:22 :: Process: FDWATCH: peer null in event: ident 20
    SYSERR: Mar 10 15:20:24 :: hupsig: SIGHUP, SIGINT, SIGTERM signal has been received. shutting down.
    SYSERR: Mar 10 15:20:24 :: pid_deinit:
    End of pid

    plz help me