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  1. JeXuX

    [RLS]Combo Effect

    working full?
  2. JeXuX

    Metin2 New Future Systems

  3. JeXuX


    i let this free download link to watch it because this suits the psd with my code and select empire it is not the same noob
  4. JeXuX


    Interfaz 1 55euros https://i.gyazo.com/85bfa04555a9e3e872ed2bc1c1f029c3.gif https://i.gyazo.com/8b086cce4d9549b223a03294679ac81e.gif https://i.gyazo.com/9146b67faaa974e39811fb27f468c7ec.gif https://i.gyazo.com/928c7b93d115f14cadb5c8e3ad511f44.gif https://i.gyazo.com/a8d9249fbfdc4032c81d8ef2f364b387.gif Interfaz 2 50euros ::: https://gyazo.com/b4f6560b33ba279eea516fcb5cfccb0d.gif https://gyazo.com/7efb1f0c75fb211d3e02f46064253105.gif https://gyazo.com/718cfb9c8594f401f7ebacd3192d4055.gif https://gyazo.com/0bf8c5dfc05d03754d26649e78bad899.gif
  5. JeXuX


    item_proto.txt clientside 5009 µ¿·É+9 ITEM_WEAPON WEAPON_BELL 1 ANTI_MUSA | ANTI_ASSASSIN | ANTI_SURA ITEM_TUNABLE WEAR_WEAPON 600 4500 0 0 15 LEVEL 10 LIMIT_NONE 0 APPLY_ATT_SPEED 32 APPLY_NONE 0 APPLY_NONE 0 0 10 18 13 15 63 100 1 0 itemproto of client <ItemDef Vnum="5009" Name="µ¿·É+9" LocalizedName="Campana de Cobre+9" Type="1" SubType="4" Weight="0" Size="1" AntiFlags="28" Flags="1" WearFlags="16" ImmuneFlags="0" Gold="600" ShopBuyPrice="4500" LimitType0="1" LimitValue0="10" LimitType1="0" LimitValue1="0" ApplyType0="7" ApplyValue0="32" ApplyType1="0" ApplyValue1="0" ApplyType2="0" ApplyValue2="0" Value0="0" Value1="10" Value2="18" Value3="13" Value4="15" Value5="63" Socket0="0" Socket1="0" Socket2="0" RefinedVnum="0" RefineSet="0" AlterToMagicItemPercent="15" Specular="100" GainSocketPercent="1" AddonType="0" /> i dont see the fail
  6. JeXuX


    Good guys eat to ask your help aver if anyone has any idea how to solve esta have Resulted me bug with just chimes and bells are all my client . SORRY FOR MY ENGLISH image: http://prntscr.com/824kic
  7. JeXuX

    help button mp

    hello friends come for help because I find neither I have no idea how to fix it, the problem is that when I select another character and give the chat button or double click on a contact is also closed leave the SYSERR 1013 12:01:57787 :: CreateFromMemoryFile: Cannot create texture 1013 12:03:22591 :: uiWhisper.py(line:86) LoadDialog ui.py(line:2623) GetChild DialogWindow.LoadDialog.BindObject - exceptions.KeyError:reportviolentwhisperbutton 1013 12:03:22591 :: ============================================================================================================ 1013 12:03:22591 :: Abort!!!! Thanks in advance help me plss