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  1. Hello! Any idea how to put a sell item function in the drop item function?
  2. WLsj24

    solved Sash system

    Solved: if (items[0] == NULL || items[1] == NULL || items[0]->GetValue(0) != items[1]->GetValue(0))
  3. WLsj24

    solved Hyperlink DragonSoul

    Thanks... solved <3
  4. I want to be able to link a dragon stone from the dragonsoul system in the chat but if I do LALT + left click, i drag the stone instead of linking it in the chat. How can I do to link it?
  5. WLsj24

    solved Sash system

    Hello, I want to combine a yellow sash and a red sash, but the system asks me to be only red or only yellow. Where can I change this?
  6. WLsj24

    open Function for fish

  7. WLsj24

    open pet.unsummon() is bug?

    The correct is: pet.unsummon(mobVnum) if pet is 34001, then: pet.unsummon(34001)
  8. WLsj24

    open remove item for new pet system

    He does not mean that, what he means is that the pet can level up without having to get experience by items.
  9. Does anyone know what this function is used for in db/Cache.cpp? void CItemCache::OnFlush()
  10. WLsj24

    open db.core Help Please!!

    I've put the player.player table with privileges so that the website can only see more not modify that table. Could it be that adding this causes this error? And another thing that I added was the svside service. Before adding those two things, I did not miss the error.
  11. WLsj24

    open db.core Help Please!!

    void CClientManager::ProcessPackets(CPeer * peer) { BYTE header; DWORD dwHandle; DWORD dwLength; const char * data = NULL; int i = 0; int iCount = 0; while (peer->PeekPacket(i, header, dwHandle, dwLength, &data)) { // DISABLE_DB_HEADER_LOG // sys_log(0, "header %d %p size %d", header, this, dwLength); // END_OF_DISABLE_DB_HEADER_LOG m_bLastHeader = header; ++iCount; #ifdef _TEST if (header != 10) sys_log(0, " ProcessPacket Header [%d] Handle[%d] Length[%d] iCount[%d]", header, dwHandle, dwLength, iCount); #endif if (g_test_server) { if (header != 10) sys_log(0, " ProcessPacket Header [%d] Handle[%d] Length[%d] iCount[%d]", header, dwHandle, dwLength, iCount); } // test log by mhh { if (HEADER_GD_BLOCK_COUNTRY_IP == header) sys_log(0, "recved : HEADER_GD_BLOCK_COUNTRY_IP"); } switch (header) { #ifdef OFFLINE_SHOP case HEADER_GD_SHOP_NAME: ShopName(peer, (TPacketShopName *)data); break; case HEADER_GD_SHOP_CLOSE: ShopClose(peer, (TPacketShopClose *)data); break; case HEADER_GD_SHOP_UPDATE_ITEM: ShopUpdateItem(peer, (TPacketShopUpdateItem *)data); break; #endif case HEADER_GD_BOOT: QUERY_BOOT(peer, (TPacketGDBoot *) data); break; case HEADER_GD_HAMMER_OF_TOR: break; case HEADER_GD_LOGIN_BY_KEY: QUERY_LOGIN_BY_KEY(peer, dwHandle, (TPacketGDLoginByKey *) data); break; case HEADER_GD_LOGOUT: //sys_log(0, "HEADER_GD_LOGOUT (handle: %d length: %d)", dwHandle, dwLength); QUERY_LOGOUT(peer, dwHandle, data); break; case HEADER_GD_PLAYER_LOAD: sys_log(1, "HEADER_GD_PLAYER_LOAD (handle: %d length: %d)", dwHandle, dwLength); QUERY_PLAYER_LOAD(peer, dwHandle, (TPlayerLoadPacket *) data); break; case HEADER_GD_PLAYER_SAVE: sys_log(1, "HEADER_GD_PLAYER_SAVE (handle: %d length: %d)", dwHandle, dwLength); QUERY_PLAYER_SAVE(peer, dwHandle, (TPlayerTable *) data); break; case HEADER_GD_PLAYER_CREATE: sys_log(0, "HEADER_GD_PLAYER_CREATE (handle: %d length: %d)", dwHandle, dwLength); __QUERY_PLAYER_CREATE(peer, dwHandle, (TPlayerCreatePacket *) data); sys_log(0, "END"); break; case HEADER_GD_PLAYER_DELETE: sys_log(1, "HEADER_GD_PLAYER_DELETE (handle: %d length: %d)", dwHandle, dwLength); __QUERY_PLAYER_DELETE(peer, dwHandle, (TPlayerDeletePacket *) data); break; case HEADER_GD_PLAYER_COUNT: QUERY_PLAYER_COUNT(peer, (TPlayerCountPacket *) data); break; case HEADER_GD_QUEST_SAVE: sys_log(1, "HEADER_GD_QUEST_SAVE (handle: %d length: %d)", dwHandle, dwLength); QUERY_QUEST_SAVE(peer, (TQuestTable *) data, dwLength); break; case HEADER_GD_SAFEBOX_LOAD: QUERY_SAFEBOX_LOAD(peer, dwHandle, (TSafeboxLoadPacket *) data, 0); break; case HEADER_GD_SAFEBOX_SAVE: sys_log(1, "HEADER_GD_SAFEBOX_SAVE (handle: %d length: %d)", dwHandle, dwLength); QUERY_SAFEBOX_SAVE(peer, (TSafeboxTable *) data); break; case HEADER_GD_SAFEBOX_CHANGE_SIZE: QUERY_SAFEBOX_CHANGE_SIZE(peer, dwHandle, (TSafeboxChangeSizePacket *) data); break; case HEADER_GD_SAFEBOX_CHANGE_PASSWORD: QUERY_SAFEBOX_CHANGE_PASSWORD(peer, dwHandle, (TSafeboxChangePasswordPacket *) data); break; case HEADER_GD_MALL_LOAD: QUERY_SAFEBOX_LOAD(peer, dwHandle, (TSafeboxLoadPacket *) data, 1); break; case HEADER_GD_EMPIRE_SELECT: QUERY_EMPIRE_SELECT(peer, dwHandle, (TEmpireSelectPacket *) data); break; case HEADER_GD_SETUP: QUERY_SETUP(peer, dwHandle, data); break; case HEADER_GD_GUILD_CREATE: GuildCreate(peer, *(DWORD *) data); break; case HEADER_GD_GUILD_SKILL_UPDATE: GuildSkillUpdate(peer, (TPacketGuildSkillUpdate *) data); break; case HEADER_GD_GUILD_EXP_UPDATE: GuildExpUpdate(peer, (TPacketGuildExpUpdate *) data); break; case HEADER_GD_GUILD_ADD_MEMBER: GuildAddMember(peer, (TPacketGDGuildAddMember*) data); break; case HEADER_GD_GUILD_REMOVE_MEMBER: GuildRemoveMember(peer, (TPacketGuild*) data); break; case HEADER_GD_GUILD_CHANGE_GRADE: GuildChangeGrade(peer, (TPacketGuild*) data); break; case HEADER_GD_GUILD_CHANGE_MEMBER_DATA: GuildChangeMemberData(peer, (TPacketGuildChangeMemberData*) data); break; case HEADER_GD_GUILD_DISBAND: GuildDisband(peer, (TPacketGuild*) data); break; case HEADER_GD_GUILD_WAR: GuildWar(peer, (TPacketGuildWar*) data); break; case HEADER_GD_GUILD_WAR_SCORE: GuildWarScore(peer, (TPacketGuildWarScore*) data); break; case HEADER_GD_GUILD_CHANGE_LADDER_POINT: GuildChangeLadderPoint((TPacketGuildLadderPoint*) data); break; case HEADER_GD_GUILD_USE_SKILL: GuildUseSkill((TPacketGuildUseSkill*) data); break; case HEADER_GD_FLUSH_CACHE: QUERY_FLUSH_CACHE(peer, data); break; case HEADER_GD_ITEM_SAVE: QUERY_ITEM_SAVE(peer, data); break; case HEADER_GD_ITEM_DESTROY: QUERY_ITEM_DESTROY(peer, data); break; case HEADER_GD_ITEM_FLUSH: QUERY_ITEM_FLUSH(peer, data); break; case HEADER_GD_ADD_AFFECT: sys_log(1, "HEADER_GD_ADD_AFFECT"); QUERY_ADD_AFFECT(peer, (TPacketGDAddAffect *) data); break; case HEADER_GD_REMOVE_AFFECT: sys_log(1, "HEADER_GD_REMOVE_AFFECT"); QUERY_REMOVE_AFFECT(peer, (TPacketGDRemoveAffect *) data); break; case HEADER_GD_HIGHSCORE_REGISTER: QUERY_HIGHSCORE_REGISTER(peer, (TPacketGDHighscore *) data); break; case HEADER_GD_PARTY_CREATE: QUERY_PARTY_CREATE(peer, (TPacketPartyCreate*) data); break; case HEADER_GD_PARTY_DELETE: QUERY_PARTY_DELETE(peer, (TPacketPartyDelete*) data); break; case HEADER_GD_PARTY_ADD: QUERY_PARTY_ADD(peer, (TPacketPartyAdd*) data); break; case HEADER_GD_PARTY_REMOVE: QUERY_PARTY_REMOVE(peer, (TPacketPartyRemove*) data); break; case HEADER_GD_PARTY_STATE_CHANGE: QUERY_PARTY_STATE_CHANGE(peer, (TPacketPartyStateChange*) data); break; case HEADER_GD_PARTY_SET_MEMBER_LEVEL: QUERY_PARTY_SET_MEMBER_LEVEL(peer, (TPacketPartySetMemberLevel*) data); break; case HEADER_GD_RELOAD_PROTO: QUERY_RELOAD_PROTO(); break; case HEADER_GD_CHANGE_NAME: QUERY_CHANGE_NAME(peer, dwHandle, (TPacketGDChangeName *) data); break; case HEADER_GD_SMS: QUERY_SMS(peer, (TPacketGDSMS *) data); break; case HEADER_GD_AUTH_LOGIN: QUERY_AUTH_LOGIN(peer, dwHandle, (TPacketGDAuthLogin *) data); break; case HEADER_GD_REQUEST_GUILD_PRIV: AddGuildPriv((TPacketGiveGuildPriv*)data); break; case HEADER_GD_REQUEST_EMPIRE_PRIV: AddEmpirePriv((TPacketGiveEmpirePriv*)data); break; case HEADER_GD_REQUEST_CHARACTER_PRIV: AddCharacterPriv((TPacketGiveCharacterPriv*) data); break; case HEADER_GD_MONEY_LOG: MoneyLog((TPacketMoneyLog*)data); break; case HEADER_GD_GUILD_DEPOSIT_MONEY: GuildDepositMoney((TPacketGDGuildMoney*)data); break; case HEADER_GD_GUILD_WITHDRAW_MONEY: GuildWithdrawMoney(peer, (TPacketGDGuildMoney*)data); break; case HEADER_GD_GUILD_WITHDRAW_MONEY_GIVE_REPLY: GuildWithdrawMoneyGiveReply((TPacketGDGuildMoneyWithdrawGiveReply*)data); break; case HEADER_GD_GUILD_WAR_BET: GuildWarBet((TPacketGDGuildWarBet *) data); break; case HEADER_GD_SET_EVENT_FLAG: SetEventFlag((TPacketSetEventFlag*) data); break; case HEADER_GD_BILLING_EXPIRE: BillingExpire((TPacketBillingExpire *) data); break; case HEADER_GD_BILLING_CHECK: BillingCheck(data); break; case HEADER_GD_CREATE_OBJECT: CreateObject((TPacketGDCreateObject *) data); break; case HEADER_GD_DELETE_OBJECT: DeleteObject(*(DWORD *) data); break; case HEADER_GD_UPDATE_LAND: UpdateLand((DWORD *) data); break; case HEADER_GD_VCARD: VCard((TPacketGDVCard *) data); break; case HEADER_GD_MARRIAGE_ADD: MarriageAdd((TPacketMarriageAdd *) data); break; case HEADER_GD_MARRIAGE_UPDATE: MarriageUpdate((TPacketMarriageUpdate *) data); break; case HEADER_GD_MARRIAGE_REMOVE: MarriageRemove((TPacketMarriageRemove *) data); break; case HEADER_GD_WEDDING_REQUEST: WeddingRequest((TPacketWeddingRequest *) data); break; case HEADER_GD_WEDDING_READY: WeddingReady((TPacketWeddingReady *) data); break; case HEADER_GD_WEDDING_END: WeddingEnd((TPacketWeddingEnd *) data); break; // BLOCK_CHAT case HEADER_GD_BLOCK_CHAT: BlockChat((TPacketBlockChat *) data); break; // END_OF_BLOCK_CHAT // MYSHOP_PRICE_LIST case HEADER_GD_MYSHOP_PRICELIST_UPDATE: MyshopPricelistUpdate((TPacketMyshopPricelistHeader*)data); break; case HEADER_GD_MYSHOP_PRICELIST_REQ: MyshopPricelistRequest(peer, dwHandle, *(DWORD*)data); break; // END_OF_MYSHOP_PRICE_LIST //RELOAD_ADMIN case HEADER_GD_RELOAD_ADMIN: ReloadAdmin(peer, (TPacketReloadAdmin*)data); break; //END_RELOAD_ADMIN case HEADER_GD_BREAK_MARRIAGE: BreakMarriage(peer, data); break; //MOANRCH case HEADER_GD_ELECT_MONARCH: Election(peer, dwHandle, data); break; case HEADER_GD_CANDIDACY: Candidacy(peer, dwHandle, data); break; case HEADER_GD_ADD_MONARCH_MONEY: AddMonarchMoney(peer, dwHandle, data); break; case HEADER_GD_DEC_MONARCH_MONEY: DecMonarchMoney(peer, dwHandle, data); break; case HEADER_GD_TAKE_MONARCH_MONEY: TakeMonarchMoney(peer, dwHandle, data); break; case HEADER_GD_COME_TO_VOTE: ComeToVote(peer, dwHandle, data); break; case HEADER_GD_RMCANDIDACY: //< 후보 제거 (운영자) RMCandidacy(peer, dwHandle, data); break; case HEADER_GD_SETMONARCH: ///<군주설정 (운영자) SetMonarch(peer, dwHandle, data); break; case HEADER_GD_RMMONARCH: ///<군주삭제 RMMonarch(peer, dwHandle, data); break; //END_MONARCH case HEADER_GD_CHANGE_MONARCH_LORD : ChangeMonarchLord(peer, dwHandle, (TPacketChangeMonarchLord*)data); break; case HEADER_GD_BLOCK_COUNTRY_IP: sys_log(0, "HEADER_GD_BLOCK_COUNTRY_IP received"); CBlockCountry::instance().SendBlockedCountryIp(peer); CBlockCountry::instance().SendBlockException(peer); break; case HEADER_GD_BLOCK_EXCEPTION: sys_log(0, "HEADER_GD_BLOCK_EXCEPTION received"); BlockException((TPacketBlockException*) data); break; case HEADER_GD_REQ_SPARE_ITEM_ID_RANGE : SendSpareItemIDRange(peer); break; case HEADER_GD_REQ_CHANGE_GUILD_MASTER : GuildChangeMaster((TPacketChangeGuildMaster*) data); break; case HEADER_GD_UPDATE_HORSE_NAME : UpdateHorseName((TPacketUpdateHorseName*) data, peer); break; case HEADER_GD_REQ_HORSE_NAME : AckHorseName(*(DWORD*)data, peer); break; case HEADER_GD_DC: DeleteLoginKey((TPacketDC*) data); break; case HEADER_GD_VALID_LOGOUT: ResetLastPlayerID((TPacketNeedLoginLogInfo*)data); break; case HEADER_GD_REQUEST_CHARGE_CASH: ChargeCash((TRequestChargeCash*)data); break; //delete gift notify icon case HEADER_GD_DELETE_AWARDID: DeleteAwardId((TPacketDeleteAwardID*) data); break; case HEADER_GD_UPDATE_CHANNELSTATUS: UpdateChannelStatus((SChannelStatus*) data); break; case HEADER_GD_REQUEST_CHANNELSTATUS: RequestChannelStatus(peer, dwHandle); break; #ifdef __DUNGEON_FOR_GUILD__ case HEADER_GD_GUILD_DUNGEON: GuildDungeon((TPacketGDGuildDungeon*)data); break; case HEADER_GD_GUILD_DUNGEON_CD: GuildDungeonGD((TPacketGDGuildDungeonCD*)data); break; case HEADER_GD_GUILD_DUNGEON_ST: //Fix meley lair GuildDungeonST((TPacketGDGuildDungeonST*)data); break; #endif #ifdef __AUCTION__ case HEADER_GD_COMMAND_AUCTION: { TPacketGDCommnadAuction* auction_data = (TPacketGDCommnadAuction*)data; switch (auction_data->get_cmd()) { case AUCTION_ENR_AUC: EnrollInAuction (peer, dwHandle, (AuctionEnrollProductInfo*)data); break; case AUCTION_ENR_SALE: EnrollInSale (peer, dwHandle, (AuctionEnrollSaleInfo*)data); break; case AUCTION_ENR_WISH: EnrollInWish (peer, dwHandle, (AuctionEnrollWishInfo*)data); break; case AUCTION_BID: AuctionBid (peer, dwHandle, (AuctionBidInfo*)data); break; case AUCTION_IMME_PUR: AuctionImpur (peer, dwHandle, (AuctionImpurInfo*)data); break; case AUCTION_GET_AUC: AuctionGetAuctionedItem (peer, dwHandle, auction_data->get_item()); break; case AUCTION_BUY_SOLD: AuctionBuySoldItem (peer, dwHandle, auction_data->get_item()); break; case AUCTION_CANCEL_AUC: AuctionCancelAuction (peer, dwHandle, auction_data->get_item()); break; case AUCTION_CANCEL_WISH: AuctionCancelWish (peer, dwHandle, auction_data->get_item()); break; case AUCTION_CANCEL_SALE: AuctionCancelSale (peer, dwHandle, auction_data->get_item()); break; case AUCTION_DELETE_AUCTION_ITEM: AuctionDeleteAuctionItem (peer, dwHandle, auction_data->get_item()); break; case AUCTION_DELETE_SALE_ITEM: AuctionDeleteSaleItem (peer, dwHandle, auction_data->get_item()); break; case AUCTION_REBID: AuctionReBid (peer, dwHandle, (AuctionBidInfo*)data); break; // case AUCTION_BID_CANCEL: // AuctionBidCancel (peer, dwHandle, data->get_item()); default : break; } } break; #endif default: sys_err("Unknown header (header: %d handle: %d length: %d)", header, dwHandle, dwLength); break; } } peer->RecvEnd(i); } Thanks for trying to help me.
  12. WLsj24

    open db.core Help Please!!

    I have this syserr in db: SYSERR: Jun 9 04:19:04 :: ChildLoop: AsyncSQL: query failed: Data truncated for column 'window' at row 1 (query: REPLACE INTO item (id, owner_id, window, pos, count, vnum, transmutation, socket0, socket1, socket2, attrtype0, attrvalue0, attrtype1, attrvalue1, attrtype2, attrvalue2, attrtype3, attrvalue3, attrtype4, attrvalue4, attrtype5, attrvalue5, attrtype6, attrvalue6, applytype0, applyvalue0, applytype1, applyvalue1, applytype2, applyvalue2, applytype3, applyvalue3, applytype4, applyvalue4, applytype5, applyvalue5, applytype6, applyvalue6, applytype7, applyvalue7) VALUES(30, 33554489, 0, 80, 1966080, 1342177280, 942747188, 503316480, 0, 80, 30, 0, 0, 20480, 0, 0, 30, 0, 0, 20480, 0, 0, 11, 0, 0, 27136, 0, 0, 255, 0, 0, 27136, 3, 0, 57, 11825, 49, 12594, 46, 12593) errno: 1265) SYSERR: Jun 9 04:19:04 :: ProcessPackets: Unknown header (header: 0 handle: 0 length: 0)
  13. Hello, i have this error in db: bt full: #0 0x28582377 in thr_kill () from /usr/lib32/libc.so.7 No symbol table info available. #1 0x2858236a in raise () from /usr/lib32/libc.so.7 No symbol table info available. #2 0x285822b6 in abort () from /usr/lib32/libc.so.7 No symbol table info available. #3 0x08054114 in emergency_sig (sig=<value optimized out>) at Main.cpp:61 No locals. #4 0x284bbda7 in pthread_sigmask () from /usr/lib32/libthr.so.3 No symbol table info available. #5 0x284bb1d1 in pthread_getspecific () from /usr/lib32/libthr.so.3 No symbol table info available. #6 0xffffe194 in ?? () No symbol table info available. #7 0x0000000b in ?? () No symbol table info available. #8 0x08068179 in CClientManager::Process (this=0xffffd538) at ClientManager.cpp:3261 dwCount = <value optimized out> pulses = 0 num_events = <value optimized out> idx = <value optimized out> __FUNCTION__ = "Process" Anyone can helpme please?
  14. WLsj24

    open Function for fish

  15. WLsj24

    open Function for fish

    Hello, I have one question for you: There is some function like: pc.fish() or something like that to know when a player has fished?