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  1. maybe miss object, texture its reason why map kick you
  2. .T4Ump

    open Aura active after teleport

    Its not bug. every skill you can use after relog or telepor.t
  3. .T4Ump

    open search Original .DE-Like etc_drop_item

    ask gameforge
  4. .T4Ump

    c++ Full terrain render

    Will it stay in the cache? When several times teleport or every teleport again loading all? @masodikbela
  5. .T4Ump

    c++ Metin2 - Graphic Mask Control

    I think its easy, do yourself.
  6. .T4Ump

    open Channel not start but auth/db

    I dont know why you do own source, all your fixes is public wtf.
  7. .T4Ump

    solved [Search] MartySama's Client

    Funny, this is metin2dev not fucking other forum where you got all free.
  8. .T4Ump

    solved [Search] MartySama's Client

    If you bought his services contact him, if not, you will get anything requested in this forum.
  9. .T4Ump

    solved [Search] MartySama's Client

    Nice story, man.
  10. .T4Ump

    open client and server or source ?

    Stfu, stop being totally pussy.
  11. .T4Ump

    [Discuss] How long do you compile client binary?

  12. .T4Ump

    c++ Granny Converter to 2.11.8

    Example you unpack all packs to one folder, etc,monster,npc and conventor convert all files .gr2 its now like this?
  13. .T4Ump

    c++ Granny Converter to 2.11.8

    Try something do to convert all .gr2 in a folder.
  14. .T4Ump

    New water texture.