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  1. open Duel/Party

    uitarget.py or cmd_general.cpp or pvp.cpp
  2. open problem map

    16:45:03679 :: MapOutdoor::LoadSetting(c_szFileName=metin2_map_g1\Setting.txt) - LoadMultipleTextData 0318 16:45:03679 :: CMapOutdoor::Load : LoadSetting(metin2_map_g1\Setting.txt) Failed Setting.txt are you sure that your client read the S??? Let's try to put "s". (setting.txt)
  3. You forgot to say an other name used in italy: Raffa "realotus" on skype.
  4. open RemoveFromCharacter Game Core

    awry code...
  5. open problem map


  7. open Crash game.core

    #0 0x081de0bb in quest::CQuestManager::SendScript (this=0x28d62198) at questmanager.cpp:977 packet_script = {header = 63 '?', size = 36927, skin = 247 '▒', src_size = 16191} buf = {buf = 0x0, forceDelete = false} Red number are the problem. Problem is from TEMP_BUFFER Questmanager.cpp in void CQuestManager::SendScript() BAD LUA CODING
  8. open RemoveFromCharacter Game Core

    Show more game.core or show the function where you're using ITEMREMOVE
  9. open Help me, but i think that you cant.

    Replacing the sequence table makes older/unwanted launchers unable to access the server. I dont resolve my problem doing so. I wrote in the title: Help me if you can. So what, you can't put your soul in peace and enjoy the likes for free
  10. open Help me, but i think that you cant.

    Function was already hidden. I resumed it. I'm taking about 300 syserr at day to --> header 3 People like martysama solved this problem not removing the function... OK??
  11. open Help me, but i think that you cant.

    Bla bla bla... shame mismatch people ... So what, thanks for help but if you dont know things dont reply just for take likes...
  12. open Help me, but i think that you cant.

    it's a check for control mismatch things.
  13. open How To Fix Hp+Sp When Leveling up

    HP are randomly .... It's like official !!!!!