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  1. WeedHex

    open error nullptr freebsd :D

    Bro you can try to edit with the older one if you can't update to c++11. (Idk your system). But if you prefer to update c++11 is full of tutorial everywhere. It's for all dev...
  2. WeedHex

    open error nullptr freebsd :D

    “NULL” is older and deprecated. “nullptr” is newer and what you should use.
  3. WeedHex

    Mounts Problem

    Bad idea.
  4. WeedHex

    Mounts Problem

    Show the function lol
  5. WeedHex

    open Guild Wars Points to both guilds

    Are you Italian?
  6. WeedHex

    open Quest dialog doesn't hide

    uiquest.py official just copyed?? It's full of changes.
  7. WeedHex

    open NPC run motion

    NOMOVE on sql ?
  8. WeedHex

    solved Quest & Bonus Problem

    Try to put 2019
  9. WeedHex

    open search Original .DE-Like etc_drop_item

    Open the wiki and make by your hands. Noone have the officials txt from server side, and if anyone made them, for sure dont give for free.
  10. WeedHex

    open search Original .DE-Like etc_drop_item

    You want the .txt from official server side? XD
  11. WeedHex

    open Problem with objects in World Editor

    Property must have the same direct. of GR2 file's location.
  12. WeedHex

    open Quest problem, not opening

    Indentation RIP.
  13. WeedHex

    open problem when open private shop

    CResource * CResourceManager::GetResourcePointer(const char * c_szFileName) { if (!c_szFileName || !*c_szFileName) { TraceError("CResourceManager::GetResourcePointer: filename error!"); return NULL; } ......... } Example of using: CResourceManager::Instance().GetResourcePointer("D:\\Ymir Work\\......);
  14. WeedHex

    open Siwtch ch problem