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  1. ShinoYumi

    open Charselect kicking

    No one could help, so i am closing this thread and doing new server with SF by Radelux. #Closed
  2. ShinoYumi

    open Charselect kicking

    Server is for me and for my friend (2 guys want play metin without other peoples)
  3. ShinoYumi

    open Charselect kicking

    What would you do in my place? I don't want pay hosting and i don't have public IP.
  4. ShinoYumi

    open Charselect kicking

    Good Evening, I created metin 2 hamachi server with |SA|Signe serverfiles and my friend can't go into game, because when he choose char he get kicked onto login screen. I can login from his acc on game. I have portmaps with these ports: I have my hamachi IP.100 in my client in root for Signe launcher and without .100 for him. He have my IP without .100 in Surakopf and running him with compatibility Windows XP SP3 and administrator privillegias. Both, Signe and Surakopf, doesn't work (Surakopf keeps crashing when he click on Start, and with Signe launcher he get kicked while choosing char). We both have turned Windows Defender and Firewall off. We are connected on hamachi. In Sysinstall and Virtualbox i have good settings, i "repaired" it 3 times. I don't have public IP so i can't run homeroot virtualbox, and pay for hosting for our server is pointless since we don't play too often (just for fun). And i don't have much choice to switch SF, because I already had server with Daroo files and it was good (He could connect), but they were 2011 and everything was in German/Deutsch (That was the main problem, my commrade can barely understand english, but he can translate it, i already tried to do Czech serverfiles, but they're all bugged). If you would give me link on newer SF with mounts and in english i will try him, because i think this is failure/error of Signes files ,max level doesn't matter, i just want something what is preinstalled and you can exp without worries, but since in Signes files you can barely do level 100 and max level is 250 it is pretty bad, I wouldn't mind SF like Official metin2 server 2013+) i can add files, but i am hopeless with this error, i were finding solution for 6 hours and found many and many threadds with "FIX" and it didn't work. Please help us. Thank you for every respond.
  5. Hello, i created hamachi server (Just for me and my friend) and i am using SF by |SA|Signe 2013 and i want to have bonus like Automatic yang pickup, More % rate on Exp and 3rd page in store, in this place, but i don't know the way how to do it and find it, since i don't even know how to write it on google. Can someone please help me with some instruction ? Good evening everyone.