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  1. Cataclismo

    Item Manager - item_proto editor

    Hello, A few weeks ago, being bored I thought about creating a visual editor for item_proto, without the need of XML, and here's the result: https://cataclismo.github.io/item_proto_lib/ I should mention that this is my first time working with CLI and C#. Pretty fun actually. Also, the binaries for graphic interface (including library dll) are built for x64 arch. If anyone wants, I can provide the source code for the graphic interface, but because of laziness, I made the interface a bit tricky, yet easy to modify (on some parts). Enjoy PS: Any feedback is welcome. Not tested with an actual client. Just read and written some item_proto files. xD
  2. Cataclismo

    [FIX] Sequence mismatch header 10

    That's very bad practice. You should cipher your packets. That's the best method. And you already have all the resources in game/client.
  3. Cataclismo

    [FIX]New guild vulnerability

    This just copy/paste from here. Nice. Can you stop copying other's stuff? Thanks.
  4. Cataclismo

    Exptable from mysql

    Refactored like this? std::vector<DWORD> exp_vector; bool LoadExpTableFromMySQL() { std::auto_ptr<SQLMsg> pMsg(DBManager::instance().DirectQuery("SELECT level, exp FROM common.exp_table")); if (pMsg->uiSQLErrno != 0) { sys_err("Failed to load exp table!"); return false; } exp_vector.reserve(pMsg->Get()->uiNumRows); MYSQL_ROW row; while((row = mysql_fetch_row(pMsg->Get()->pSQLResult))) { DWORD level, exp; str_to_number(level, row[0]); str_to_nubmer(exp, row[1]); exp_vector[level] = exp; if (test_server) sys_log(0, "MYSQL EXP LOAD: LEVEL %u EXP %u", level, exp); } return true; } Since GetNextExp() will return DWORD, you should use DWORD too for your vector. You will fool the users thinking that they can increase exp limit over 4kkk (DWORD limit). Also, if you're using C++11 or higher consider using unique_ptr instead of auto_ptr.
  5. Cataclismo

    Bug Stun

  6. There's no bug here, actually. You already have a function which checks the name of guild: if (!check_name(gcp.name)) You don't have to escape the string again. This function allows only alphanumeric characters (a-z, 0-9).
  7. Cataclismo

    [HowTo]Bonus changing on equipped items

    Yes, it is already posted for a year or more. Watch your language and use search
  8. Cataclismo

    Problem with constans.cpp

    Hi, Aurora. TEH wants to tell you that PLAYER_EXP_TABLE_MAX is equal to 120, which means your experience table can have only 120 values. If you want 250 then you have to find where it's defined (probably in length.h) and change the value to 250.
  9. Cataclismo

    Game.Core problems Channel down

    Did you try to modify source to be able to put more than 7 bonuses on an item or more than 3 metin stones?
  10. Cataclismo

    A message from Google Chrome

    Google Chrome 46.0.2490.86 m Windows XP SP3 ESET SmartSecurity 9
  11. Cataclismo

    [C++]Skill jumps from 17 to M1

    Remove skill books and spirit stones from game. Easy. You don't need the source for that...
  12. Cataclismo

    Weird Problem

    It's not so weird... your slot's are not "refreshing". You probably forgot some piece of codes when you redesigned the inventory. Can't you just compare the codes with an working inventory and see what do you miss?
  13. Cataclismo

    [HACKSHIELD] Update Error

    Or .bin, as I told you. So, it compiles fine, and i can open the client but, hackshield does not show on task, i have seen a video from you showing the hackshield launching when you open the game, (in another post). Yeah. It's a little secret xD, but I discovered that this is just a break in security. You don't have to open that thing , hackshield will work without it.
  14. Cataclismo

    [HACKSHIELD] Update Error

    Or .bin, as I told you.
  15. Cataclismo

    [HACKSHIELD] Update Error

    Name your launcher metin2client.bin or metin2.bin