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  1. Hades ✔

    map Demon dungeon

    in export*. xD
  2. Hades ✔

    New Skills 2018

    You can change the name into " How to kill a server". But skills are awsome. Gj.
  3. Hades ✔

    open Flashing | in chat

    You can check the quests functions there i saw a function with blinking quest name.
  4. Hi Dev`s here my new Multi Kill System. [Project] Angel vs Demon. [System] Multi Kill - Effects & Sounds.
  5. Hades ✔

    [DBD] Dead by Daylight

    Graphic and animations are low...
  6. Hades ✔

    [Buy] Client Encryption & Protection.

    Raylee you can T/C. Didn't found someone able to make something good. Best regards Hades
  7. Hades ✔

    [Buy] Client Encryption & Protection.

    I don't think it's really easy to adapt from another game, because of models or property. And to make it by yourself, it's the same shit, you can just remake the old method and add some tricks. You can find encrypt, but for sure you can have the decrypt too. And the fox pack is already too old. People use that encryption method because the decryption tools isn't already pusblishied xD