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  1. Dr3Ame3r

    [GF] Race height of actors

    Use what exygo posted. If you want the dictionary in the same file, you'll have to modify Dict = npcheight.NPC_HEIGHT to Dict = NPC_HEIGHT Open instancebase.cpp and search for-> if ((dwHorseVnum >= 20101 && dwHorseVnum <= 20109) || (dwHorseVnum == 20029 || dwHorseVnum == 20030)) return 100.0f; Make a new case under it and put your mounts vnums, in my case it is: if ((dwHorseVnum >= 20110 || dwHorseVnum <= 20266)) return 50.0f; Then, enter PlayerSettingModule.py and use Exygo's dict as this for mounts-> 20110 : 160.00, 20111 : 160.00, 20112 : 160.00, 20113 : 160.00, 20114 : 160.00, 20115 : 160.00, ............... 20266 : 160,00,
  2. Dr3Ame3r

    First Judgement against german Metin2 servers.

    As much as i know, the cloud is formed above some sort of physical servers, right? It depends on the location where you're colocated, your "cloud" is influenced by the datacenter's location because it doesn't mean that if the term "cloud" is available your server will be somewhere in Antarctida. That's totally irrelevant, but this is old news, he got caught in 2016 and he had to pay 50k euros as i know to the german government then he bought a server in nepal or syria (that's what i heard from here and there). Now that we're talking networking, with any sort of warrant the accuser can take responsability only in his country, in this case only germany. ( so don't buy hosting in germany ) #i forgot to add info, if they want to "judge" with you, they will need an entire process to take your server down and to "bust" you and that's gonna take time, like 1-2 years (just for one server)
  3. Dr3Ame3r

    open databases crashes, server dont start

    Hello, can you please provide us a GDB report regarding your server crash? If you don't have a ".core" file, how did you find out that your server crashed? Please provide the output of the following commands too: dmesg tail -f /var/log/messages
  4. Dr3Ame3r

    problem switch py

    Old but the only thing you had to do was to: search : for i in xrange(player.ATTRIBUTE_SLOT_MAX_NUM-2): replace: for i in xrange(0, 5):
  5. Dr3Ame3r

    [PROBLEM] Switchboot manual error

    Old but the only thing you had to do was to: search : for i in xrange(player.ATTRIBUTE_SLOT_MAX_NUM-2): replace: for i in xrange(0, 5):
  6. Dr3Ame3r

    open my.cnf

    Use https://www.freshports.org/databases/mysqltuner/
  7. Dr3Ame3r

    Is here someone who can make this feature?

    I have tried reproducing your issue, the only way i succeeded was by redimensioning the photos just from the .sub photo, you need to resize the DDS too (if you want to minimise the picture of the map (atlas) )
  8. Dr3Ame3r

    Is here someone who can make this feature?

  9. https://i.gyazo.com/62db91fbb8853647d9ca17ea19e9cb93.mp4
  10. Nope, didn't do anything wrong, it just does not work after the removal effect, i've already told you, it happens only on those spells. I don't think that i am crazy, and the bug replicates like this: https://i.gyazo.com/dab8fd646e1c2bccf74278e231aa4932.mp4
  11. As i have tested this, i can encounter some type of "errors". If someone uses dispell on me, it doesn't remove my berserk, if he does it the second time, it does remove the berserk, it happens to strong body too, sura's enchanted blade and enchanted armor.
  12. They look sick, great job!
  13. I have already tried that system, it did not help at all. Duplicating items still worked.
  14. Yup, thanks, someone from a romanian Community had the same idea but faster, thank you very much. I appreciate what you did there, if you want, we can let this and other people can see it also! Big like.
  15. Easy to say :), how can you actually bypass the inputdialog? That cannot be checked.