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  1. https://i.gyazo.com/62db91fbb8853647d9ca17ea19e9cb93.mp4
  2. Nope, didn't do anything wrong, it just does not work after the removal effect, i've already told you, it happens only on those spells. I don't think that i am crazy, and the bug replicates like this: https://i.gyazo.com/dab8fd646e1c2bccf74278e231aa4932.mp4
  3. As i have tested this, i can encounter some type of "errors". If someone uses dispell on me, it doesn't remove my berserk, if he does it the second time, it does remove the berserk, it happens to strong body too, sura's enchanted blade and enchanted armor.
  4. Rbinum2 Full

    I have reported this topic, he's just a moron trying to get some attention. Close request It's bad that we don't have any active mods ATM, i hope you'll get banned asap.
  5. They look sick, great job!
  6. I have already tried that system, it did not help at all. Duplicating items still worked.
  7. Yup, thanks, someone from a romanian Community had the same idea but faster, thank you very much. I appreciate what you did there, if you want, we can let this and other people can see it also! Big like.
  8. Easy to say :), how can you actually bypass the inputdialog? That cannot be checked.
  9. Ok, let's say the OpenMyOfflineShop thing is solved, what about the add item one ?
  10. The majority of them are blocked, the thing is, when you're already changing the channel you cannot stop it because you can even tap OK after the "1s" cooldown timer has passed. The second one is with the add item, you can close the offlineshop window and remain only with the inputdialog, you can press OK and repeat the same steps, press on change channel, OK and it duplicates it.
  11. The video will explain everything. Any help? I have added timer until warping, it does not prevent duplicating items. If you got a countdown like, 3,2,1, at second 1 you press OK and it duplicates them.
  12. Item Manager - item_proto editor

    We can't thank you enough and we can't show our appreciation as much as we need beside you. Very useful tool, and a very nice job! #I gave him some ideas too, haha:))
  13. How can i combine 2 different sashes? I've seen a topic on here but it vanished apparently, i tought i'll never use it and apparently that moment arrived:)) I mean, i want to combine a red sash with a yellow one for example, how to do that?
  14. Search Source Files for this game

    http://www.mpgh.net/forum/showthread.php?t=757344 You mean this?
  15. A security checklist for your Metin2 server

    https://forums.freebsd.org/threads/4108/ Look here, you have all the information you need.