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  1. [RaffaeL]

    solved Localhost ?

    For localhost, you should use the IP with .100 termination. E.g : 123.456.789.100, both in winscp, and navicat.
  2. [RaffaeL]

    open How to import MDE file type 2?

    Can you attach this, or one of this mde files? I want to take a closer look .
  3. [RaffaeL]

    solved Texture path in MDE file

    Anytime, with pleasure, if I can help
  4. Change the "MakeEachButton" as I have below, or add more "say ("")" before that dialog in quest. def MakeEachButton(i): if self.skin == 3: button = BarButton("TOP_MOST",0x50000000, 0x50404040, 0x50606060) button.SetParent(c) button.SetSize(106,26) button.SetPosition(self.sx+c.GetWidth()/2+((i*2)-1)*56-56, self.sy+(event.GetLineCount(self.descIndex))*16+20+5) button.SetText("a") button.SetTextColor(0xff000000) else: i = i % 8 button = BarButton("TOP_MOST") button.SetParent(c) button.SetSize(200,26) button.SetPosition(self.sx+c.GetWidth()/2-100,self.sy+(event.GetLineCount(self.descIndex)+i*2)*16+20+5) button.SetText("a") button.SetTextColor(0xffffffff) return button
  5. [RaffaeL]

    solved Texture path in MDE file

    If you are using an MDE importer for 3dsMax, it is enough to add a new texture using the "Materials" function (m key), after which you will need to apply unwrap just like for any mesh.Make sure the texture is in the right location (e.g., "D :/ ymir work / weapons / texture" or something similar.) At least that's what I got from your question ...