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  1. [RaffaeL]

    open Change monster folder path

    Did you also added into root/npc_list, the new location for that NPC?
  2. [RaffaeL]

    open Item sell price bug

    Your "gold" and "shop_buy_price" have the same value?
  3. [RaffaeL]

    open Side panel - can't delete

    That's bcs it loads belt's expand button. Comment that and you're done.
  4. [RaffaeL]

    open level limit drop metin2

    Then, you can add a local like ...idk "local chance = number(1, 100)"-> if chance <= yournumber then pc.give_item2(youritem). This is only an example, you have to properly add to your quest. Best regards.
  5. [RaffaeL]

    open level limit drop metin2

    Try this(it's your quest, with minor changes ) Pay atention to that little comment into the quest. Best regards.
  6. [RaffaeL]

    open Winscp:UTF8 problem

    Did you try to modify anytime the quest? If so, in whitch text editor?
  7. [RaffaeL]

    open nirvana v3 1.80

    Yes of course there are fixes. And why do you search commands like that one in bin source? You can find that in game source/cmd.cpp & cmd_general.cpp. Best regards.
  8. [RaffaeL]

    open gr2 mesh remover

    3DSMAX + remove logo + rig again. Or, the easy way: pay one of this comunity modeler to do that for you. Best regards.
  9. [RaffaeL]


    I already give you a tip on another forum... Anyway, Search for WEAPON_FAN case into your instancebase.cpp(where you defined the .mde based effects/weapons) and rewrite it as follows: case CItemData::WEAPON_FAN: if (m_kHorse.IsMounting()) { // add a left_condition & define in header(instancebase.h) the left_effect whatever_you_defined_the_effect = EFFECT_REFINED + YOUR_EFFECT; whatever_you_defined_the_effect_left = EFFECT_REFINED + YOUR_EFFECT_LEFT; } else { whatever_you_defined_the_effect = EFFECT_REFINED + YOUR_EFFECT; } break; Repeat that for the dagger case. Best regards.
  10. [RaffaeL]

    open gr2 mesh remover

    What? What do you mean by removing from GrannyViewer?
  11. [RaffaeL]

    Open source CRC patcher

    What do you mean by that? You want to put only the path to the file, or the whole file? But you can do that. Eg. /public_html/patch/client/any folder you want (without writing that full path as url_path to your source code, in Globals.cs, but adding the folder/folders in patchlist) Best of luck
  12. Even if you use q.done() in your quest? I mean: quest test begin state start begin when 1231.chat."test" with pc.getqf("test") == 0 begin pc.setqf("test",1) q.done() end end end
  13. Make me understand: you want to put that effect for all of your weapons? Because if not, you should define the effect based on weapon vnum in case(the most easy way).
  14. [RaffaeL]

    open Channel status

    And your intrologin looks like...
  15. You need to make changes to the binary source for that, or via python (playersettingmodule.py), but although I haven't tried, I don't think you can put anything other than onehand swords.