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    then go to server with 500-700 online after few weeks 50 online = R.I.P and close server and go next. Have Fun. Advertisement server and more players will be gain we need time, i have many job on my head so i can't create any at this moment advertisment on forum etc.
  2. Angel Of Death™


    - New Client English with multilanguage () - New Quests - Fixed Few Bugs - Technicaly Break every Friday 16:00 - Update First Post
  3. Angel Of Death™


    yesterday just installing server, today will be available to download Client and new website in few days will be finished we can see it on new.worldofmetin3.tk
  4. Angel Of Death™


    WorldOfMetin3 is OldSchool server from 2007/2008. i long time looking some oldschool server without new shit and dont find, so i create one, if you want play then: Website: WorldOfMetin3.tk Information Server: Client Download English-MultiLanguage: WorldOfMetin3 Click to Download! Exp: 1x Drop: 1x Gold: 1x MaxLevel: 99 -No Alchemy -No Bonuses 1-7 (only droped items with bonus) -No Botters - Technicaly Break every Friday at 16:00 Servers: 1.Aldrenis(creation date 8.05.2018 0:00) and all the same than metin2 from 2007/2008. i will update this thread latter, with some presentation. but i never created presenation it so i need a little time to know how. if you have question etc then answer here or pm to me. Join Cummunities Discord: https://discord.gg/HVrEZ2F you don't need to wory that this server will die because i have a lot of server to other games, so this project is long meta #any requirements to add this thread bcs #rules not saying anything about it .