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    Referral Friend: Buy Dragon Coins: and more... Preview this week pages: About Game, Wiki and Forum Do you wan't Contribute to this Project? private msg to me there or ingame. email: worldofmetin3@interia.com Any Suggestion or Asking? email: worldofmetin3@interia.com Your Team WorldOfMetin3
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    Hello, we Arleady Hard work on New Website: Do you Like It? Live Demo: http://new.worldofmetin3.tk -Your Can Login or Create New Account via New Website New Website Will Be Released After new Year. I hope you like it. When we finish New Website We will Start more Hard work on New Features for Servers, You will can make your Own Server via This Website. With your configurations and etc. the cost will be not higher for low numbers of players. the price of maintaining the server will depend on its profits. Note: Thread(First Post Will be Updated as soon possible) Do you wan't Contribute to this Project? email: worldofmetin3@interia.com Any Suggestion or Asking? email: worldofmetin3@interia.com Happy New Year! Your Team WorldOfMetin3
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    SMALL UPDATE Now We Have 16 Patcher For 16 Country Like GF: Updated Download Section. Removed Old Client Outdated. Now You have 16 Patcher + Country Flag in Download Section. Other: There all Quests From GameForge Metin2 from level 1 to 41 (100% orginal)
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    then go to server with 500-700 online after few weeks 50 online = R.I.P and close server and go next. Have Fun. Advertisement server and more players will be gain we need time, i have many job on my head so i can't create any at this moment advertisment on forum etc.
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    yesterday just installing server, today will be available to download Client and new website in few days will be finished we can see it on new.worldofmetin3.tk
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    WorldOfMetin3 is New Project. Long Term. with multi-servers like GameForge. General Informations: Website: WorldOfMetin3.tk New Server: 8.05.2019 Information Server 1.Aldrenis: Rates: Is The same or similar As GameForge have. MaxLevel: 99-105-115-120 Type: OS (OLD SCHOOL 2006/2007 for more learn below) Note: This the same as Metin2 have 2006/2007 there no bonuses 1-7, no grotto excile etc About Project: WorldOfMetin3 - INTERNATIONAL 1.What is it? - Is Project For INTERNATIONAL METIN3 but we need know, too we needed time and money. - someday it will be look as Metin3 and you can say Metin3 after few Year. at this moment goal is: - Gain Players and Trust - Create Files 1:1 to GameForge before start to Create WOM3. waiting time: TBA Aditional Informations: OS = Old School Server OS+NS = Old School Server + New School Server NS = New School Server i will update this thread latter, with some presentation. but i never created presenation it so i need a little time to know how. if you have question etc then answer here or pm to me. Join Cummunities Discord: https://discord.gg/HVrEZ2F you don't need to wory that this server will die because i have a lot of server to other games, so this project is long meta #any requirements to add this thread bcs #rules not saying anything about it .