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  1. sxvoyz

    solved Python

  2. sxvoyz

    Moon cave pack

    CArea::LoadObject Property(2201297168) Load ERROR CArea::LoadObject Property(2649958206) Load ERROR moon_cave\001001\AreaData.txt property\plechi_env\dungeon\biolog20_BossPotion.prb Few objects are missing. Could you upload this? I got corrupted files. My bad. Damn, this 2649958206 is missing
  3. sxvoyz

    open Won System Problem (inventory windows)

    (query: SELECT id, name, job, voice, dir, x, y, z, map_index, exit_x, exit_y, exit_map_index, hp, mp, stamina, random_hp, random_sp, playtime, gold, level, level_step, st, ht, dx, iq, exp, stat_point, skill_point, sub_skill_point, stat_reset_count, part_base, part_hair, part_sash, skill_level, quickslot, skill_group, alignment, mobile, horse_level, horse_riding, horse_hp, horse_hp_droptime, horse_stamina, UNIX_TIMESTAMP(NOW())-UNIX_TIMESTAMP(last_play), horse_skill_point, chequeFROM player WHERE id=31278 errno: 1064) Syntax error.
  4. sxvoyz

    open Access to the brazilian servers?

    Use proxifer and brazil proxy list to connect into server. its working
  5. sxvoyz

    python Fish Event the new class

    I saw images for that game and it will be something like tetris game. Unlucky i can't find that pack including script files and images. I found that pack: https://mega.nz/#F!esVDhQwK!xGPdD3DTv3quufDSVCleiw
  6. sxvoyz

    Gameforge armor

    Its too hard to check
  7. sxvoyz

    Gameforge armor

    https://virustotal.com/pl/file/b35c97a2cbd59c248d30e8f8720185792d87e12445d4197bd20bf5f8f9c3ef5a/analysis/1493442785/ http://www25.zippyshare.com/v/qxEadqYt/file.html
  8. sxvoyz

    New Metin2 Armor - Official GameForge

    Official looks like that:
  9. sxvoyz

    [Official] Unpacked Updates Metin2.de

    Close this topic pls
  10. sxvoyz

    Search fix to questflag

  11. sxvoyz

    Search fix to questflag

  12. sxvoyz

    Searching : Development [C++]

    A professional c++ developer or Vegas. Choose one of them
  13. sxvoyz

    Search fix to questflag

  14. sxvoyz

    Search fix to questflag

  15. sxvoyz

    Search fix to questflag

    Hi, sometimes when my players done a dungeon in party, quest flag of group leader has changed. I mean flag "__status" is changed to randomly numbers (not including in ../quest/state) or other quest flags is removed. I'm searching for fix that. Yes, i'm using d.new_jump_party. Fixed