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  1. ruizuinho-o

    open Looking for a function

    if u work in char archives: if (GetName() == "") if u work in others archives, first import char.h if (ch->GetName() == "xxx")
  2. ruizuinho-o

    c++ Monsters attack each other?

  3. ruizuinho-o

    open Special Inventory Bug

    I have full unbugged, if u want, i sell. Send me PM if u are interessed.
  4. ruizuinho-o

    open Offline shop with won

    Hello, someone know one offline shop with won? Thanks for help.
  5. ruizuinho-o

    open Mob Target System [BUG "?" Player Crash]

    Someone have new version? Thanks
  6. ruizuinho-o

    open Att Grade Help

    Hello, i want remove gain attack value when i up level. i try modify several times the code in char.cpp and nothing. Example: Level 80: http://prntscr.com/l4m68h Level 81: http://prntscr.com/l4m6e5 Thank's for help!
  7. ruizuinho-o

    open Win bonus when create char, how remove?

    Thanks i will check Cumpz
  8. Hello guys, i need help. When i create new char, i win this bonus -> http://prntscr.com/jp0u68 How i remove? Thanks Cumpz