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  1. pedroevil51

    Buying metin2 server files oldschool

    Buying files and installation Can be oldschool will pay max 50 euros
  2. pedroevil51

    Buying metin2 server files 40k

    Hi i'm here to buy metin2 server files for windows It needs to be 40k Will pay nice for it.
  3. pedroevil51

    open Fix jolla or 6/7

    I'm using this How can i fix the jolla / 6/7 problem? they are not working.
  4. pedroevil51

    solved GM commands problem

    Thx fixed
  5. pedroevil51

    solved GM commands problem

    This may sound stupid, but everyone who is entering my server is accessing GM commands, how could I solve this? I am using these files https://metin2dev.org/board/index.php?/topic/9835-client-2k1040k-windows-sf/
  6. Well, I started messing with Metin2 very soon, so I have little experience with the subject. I created a server and wanted to have fun with a friend so we could play. I created without hamachi because the pc of some friends does not get along very well with the program. I tried editing the / CONFIG with BIND_IP: 192.168.15.XX (My local ip) but no one could get in, so they selected the character and took a disconnect back to server selection I tried to put my public IP, my no-ip, etc ... but all these give socket error If someone can help me, I would appreciate it very much, I am very happy to have entered the community and I am willing to spend some time dedicating myself to improving
  7. pedroevil51

    solved New to the metin2 dev

    Securitycode on account on mysql, it needs to be null if anyone is having this problem just change it to null.
  8. pedroevil51

    solved New to the metin2 dev

    Fixed it.
  9. pedroevil51

    solved New to the metin2 dev

    Hi, i'm starting to learn how to work on metin2 servers etc.. i'm very new so i don't know much. i Had download files from addictmt2, and instaled on a freebsd My client has a very weird thing, i can't login because of it , if someone can help me i would be very happy, thank you all