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  1. Juvienelle

    php A complete metin2 website

    @Mariuk3 No i didn't steal your website of course! i just updated it for all people i seen like loads of them use this website and its totally unsecured * MySQL * so i just converted it into PDO All your copyrights are still there i didn't remove them lol , if it bothered you i am sorry and i will delete this post right away. and to other people who said that i understand nothing about security, i am a Laravel developer for almost 2 years lol. i just updated this website to pdo so people who use it in mysql just move to a more secured version, i am not claiming that this website is the most secured tho all i did was like a kind of a hand to admins who have lack of experience in php or who don't have money to buy websites. not stealing a website or showing off -.-
  2. Juvienelle

    php A complete metin2 website

    @flatik Dont worry about it. Its logging the sql injections that happen to website example: if you are trying to update your account via SQL queries i will grap your ip and some of your data and put them in this file for tracking and block you
  3. Hey guys, i've been working lately on metin2 website and i finally finished it. This website is completely running securely using php and PDO not mysql like other sites i have seen. it only needs you to change to design of it and it will be ready to use you can download the files from this link http://www.mediafire.com/file/hp2zd05ad0j2bk7/website.zip and if anyone needs any help to setup this website just contact me on skype : john.dark95 or facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Juvie.SecTheater best wishes to you all.
  4. Juvienelle

    Looking for website coder for my website design

    you could contact me through skype : john.dark95