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  1. Morya

    open HIDE NPC

    Can you explain more what you mean with hide?
  2. Morya

    open remove item for new pet system

    Im not sure about my iformation, you need to make quest with quary call to make level up in the pet system as you need like you need to make it level by item, by your level So quest with quary that call the pet_level in the my_sql, ""Im not sure""
  3. Morya

    open Problem translating (Coordinates)

    This command use for delete game - db even this the problem in the client not in the server, and you know you are funny when you do this
  4. Hello there When I translate any client there is problem that always make me... when I change the language all coordinates got overlap, the same file have the same coordinates as original local file(that have the same language) so where is the problem? I think there is something need to change so all coordinates going to be write cause all coordinates same as the original server If any body can solve this I will be thankful
  5. Morya

    open Problem in enter Hamachi server

    The problem is the server chanel is work but when I choose the char the client kick me back to login page
  6. Morya

    open Problem in enter Hamachi server

    40k client but which file name I dont know... The problem teleport from me to her she say "now I cant enter the game I choose my char then the game kick me back to the login part" "./game the bsd say there is no command name like this"
  7. Morya

    open Problem in enter Hamachi server

    Already did this.. The server already avaliable to me, I enter the server and enter my acount the problem is when I choose my char the game return me to login page, Already install port map, turn off fire wall, in the same hamachi room My partner have no problem with the server she enter the game play... But the problem come to me *Im helper in her server so all thing port map... In her pc
  8. Hello there one of my friend >Sonya make Hamachi server she need me to enter the server I enter her Hamachi server and turn off the firewall, she give me the client and here the problem she give me lexico starter(sura launcher) when I try to enter the server from the launcher, the server show the channel is open I enter my account, and I choose my character then the client return me to the login page the sysser show no thing, the launcher when I make him ("run as administrator"), the game open and close in 1 second, we dont know where is the problem when we try to open the client without launcher I already told what already happen, so where is the problem here and the fix