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  1. ridetpro

    open Help erro API

    You'll need to install (or enable) the Socket PHP extension
  2. ridetpro

    open Searching for a solution

    #delete request , didnt understand the question, Not tested.
  3. ridetpro

    python Official Root\\15.03.2018

    Already posted here on forum #Delete request @Raylee Next time use search function.
  4. ridetpro

    open Temple Ochao - Black Floor

    As I said, you probably did something wrong. The solution is not HeighScale. I, like you, use the files from the official client and I did not have such problems. Try to USE THIS FILES for server. And also use default settings intro client.
  5. ridetpro

    open Temple Ochao - Black Floor

    Check again whole environment
  6. ridetpro

    open [DEV challenge]Dice System Exploit

    You are very smart. A challenge for someone to solve that bug for you. What party are you talking about? We're on a metin2 forum.
  7. ridetpro

    open horse

    // horse_rider.cpp THorseStat c_aHorseStat[HORSE_MAX_LEVEL + 1] = // struct struct THorseStat { int iMinLevel; int iNPCRace; int iMaxHealth; int iMaxStamina; int iST; int iDX; int iHT; int iIQ; int iDamMean; int iDamMin; int iDamMax; int iArmor; };
  8. ridetpro

    open new bug kick hack

    Soon, he'll ask how can I do that? I'm not good with C ++. And if nobody answers it will give a reply *bump* Just wait, I can read the future. I will write the code (One Minute), but I will wait for him to ask.
  9. ridetpro

    Metin2 Converter by Helia01

    This converter is not required, you can load the txt files into excel without converting them.
  10. ridetpro

    Update Your FreeBSD For C++2a

    Speaking about c ++ 11, you do not need that custom hash implementation. Because if you use C ++ 11, you're most likely to have changed the boost heeads with STDs. Unordered_map already has its own hash implementation. And there is also std::hash And that typeof can be replaced with the auto.
  11. ridetpro

    Update Your FreeBSD For C++2a

    Why the fuck you use GCC9 when it's experimental. Why use C ++ 20 when it's still experimental. Why update the compiler to c ++ 20 when metin is a bullshit that anything you do will not bring you any performance. How can you demonstrate to me that it will increase performance? Performance is rewriting the codes. Who do you think will use this tutorial? People who know programming, believe me they will do this update themselves to c ++ 17, not 20 because it is still experiemntal. Not just updating libraries. Let's make some examples. Cryptopp is only used for packet encryption. In a default source, nobody uses cryptopp for anything else. True developers will know for themselves to update cryptopp to the latest version. From what I know cryptopp did not bring any performance on the scale of what the version was growing. Just solve a few bugs. lzo As the version grows the same does not bring any performance. Just solving some bugs and compiling on multiple platforms. Boost - the same is used very little in the server. The client is almost not used. The client uses only unordered_map and unordered_set. You can replace these two with STL from c ++ 11. They are much faster than boost. And boost, you can delete it from the client folder. Because it is only used in the EterPack folder. The server uses only the algorithm / lexical_cast library and bind. These all in 10 minutes of work, you can replace them with STL functions. What the hell of the performance bring the upgrade to boost? If the server itself is a shit of mix between C and c ++. I can go on with that if you like. It does not matter if you rewrite the code. If you do it all in the same way of shit like ymir. How many talented programers think there is a metin2 scene that rewrites the code to deliver performance. If you want performance, rewrite each system. Using not necessarily modern coding, modern techniques. What performance do you want when the entire 3D engine is a shit, written in 2003 by some programmers who were most likely paid 5 euros per hour. It does not matter that you use c ++ 50 if the technique is cabbage. Do you want performance? Then pay a professional programmer with $ 20/30 per hour to upgrade and rewrite the code.But wait, that there are children who do not know the world they live in. At least the majority. Let's look at metin as a way to make money, because that's it. I worked for wom2, and I saw what they rewrote. Do you think this was possible in 1 month? They did this while the server was ONLINE to be able to test. Here's the performance, do you think wom2 just updated the c ++ 20 and ready? Or have they updated libraries? It's much more than that.
  12. ridetpro

    open Effect bug

    Can you make a GIF?
  13. ridetpro

    open Skill Proto Official

  14. ridetpro

    DevIL, ILU SDK & Unicows PDB

    Why people click like to such pointless how-to ?