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  1. You better recompile whole extern with the same version of GCC, the same FLAGs.
  2. ridetpro

    solved delete

    Way 1: /usr/local/etc/rc.d/mysql_server Way 2: //etc/rc.conf mysql_dbdir="/var/db/mysql_name" https://www.ufsexplorer.com/solutions/recover-deleted-files-bsd.php
  3. ridetpro

    open Question about new std functions and lambdas

    Try to donate exp intro guild after those conversions
  4. ridetpro

    open Click: CQuestManager

    You need to add NPC vnum in questnpc.txt
  5. ridetpro

    open Linker command failed

    Then you probably did not put the cryptopp7 headers in extern.
  6. ridetpro

    open Linker command failed

    Compile cryptopp with c++17 too and with c++devel
  7. ridetpro

    open No matching function for call to object of type

    std::for_each(v.begin(), v.end(), std::bind(&CHARACTER::UpdateStateMachine, std::placeholders::_1, iPulse));
  8. ridetpro

    open No matching function for call to object of type

    void CGuild::AddComment(LPCHARACTER ch, const std::string &str) { int player_id = ch->GetPlayerID(); if (str.length() > GUILD_COMMENT_MAX_LEN) { return; } char text[GUILD_COMMENT_MAX_LEN * 2 + 1]; DBManager::Instance().EscapeString(text, sizeof(text), str.c_str(), str.length()); DBManager::Instance().FuncAfterQuery( [this, player_id] {this->RefreshCommentForce(player_id); }, "INSERT INTO guild_comment(guild_id, name, notice, content, time) VALUES(%u, '%s', %d, '%s', NOW())", m_data.guild_id, ch->GetName(), (str[0] == '!') ? 1 : 0, text); } Use std::function instead of any_function
  9. ridetpro

    open Unmount delay

    // Intro pc_mount function from questlua_pc.cpp // Under LPCHARACTER ch = CQuestManager::instance().GetCurrentCharacterPtr(); // Add int CalcLastMoveSec = (get_dword_time() - ch->GetLastMountTime()) / 1000 + 0.5; if (CalcLastMoveSec < 1) // Replace 1 with seconds number. { return 0; }
  10. ridetpro

    open Help protos korean replacement

    You can do that with microsoft Excel if you use txt protos or a query if you use sql. But you can ignore those koreean names.
  11. ridetpro

    open account problem (autoloot,safebox atc.)

    maybe freebsd time is wrong ?
  12. ridetpro

    [Hades] - Belt System - Angel vs Demon.

    WTF, you show how to change bonus on a belt?
  13. ridetpro

    open error when compiling.. help

    -lssl To LDFLAGS