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  1. Helia01

    c++ Granny Converter to 2.11.8

    try use my version convertor: i updated my client already.
  2. Helia01

    Stone bridge fix

    i like it ty so m
  3. Helia01


  4. Helia01

    open Gcc49 compile error

    Hi please try this: Open cryptopp/config.h and uncomment // #define CRYPTOPP_DISABLE_ASM 1 or use compile flag: CRYPTOPP_DISABLE_ASM
  5. Helia01

    c++ Full terrain render

    wow! i like it.
  6. Helia01

    GrannyConverter - by Helia01

    new version: What's New in Version Model compression
  7. Helia01

    GrannyConverter - by Helia01

    Added a link
  8. Helia01

    GrannyConverter - by Helia01

    GrannyConverter - by Helia01 View File Hi M2DEV! Today i want release my GrannyConverter with GUI! With this converter it is possible to update the version of Granny up to 2.11.8 or 2.9.12 All you have to do is select your unpacked client's folder and after that the conversion process will begin. Compress proof! screen (old versions) WTF THIS? QA HERE! VT HERE: SOURCE PREPROCESSOR HERE: Granny 2.11.8 (It's original lib) SOURCE LIB GUI: MahApps.Metro Best regards Helia01 Submitter Helia01 Submitted 09/06/2018 Category Tools
  9. Helia01

    Metin2 Converter by Helia01

    Not a bad idea, but many things are easier to do in Excel. For example, create a new column or multiply all the values in the Yang column. (example)
  10. Helia01

    python Name randomizer

    This is a code example, if you want, you can rewrite it is not difficult.
  11. Helia01

    c++ Granny Converter to 2.11.8

    It's so easy. 1.Download this: LINK 2. compile gstate and preprocessor. 3. use command example cmd_line: preprocessor.exe TouchVersion old_mesh.gr2 -output new_mesh.gr2 May be i will create GUI for comfort using. --UPD Best regards Helia01
  12. Helia01

    Using older versions

    A 90% community were able to compile the source code and had at least some ideas about the language with C++. (Within a year from the moment the source code became available) Even now, 90% of the community can not just fix the banal mistakes on the client side. And you suggest updating the libraries of the whole game. (for the majority this is unrealistic) And so far I have not seen one person who would have made the transition from python 2.7 to python 3+ People do not have enough knowledge. (c) Google Translate