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  1. MrMuniez

    open [Python]Auto Trade

    Again small problem. x, y = chr.GetPixelPosition(vid)[:2] That func like MoveToDestPosition dosent work.. Sysrer still clean ...
  2. MrMuniez

    open [Python]Auto Trade

    Thanks YOu BRO. That Pastebin code Works perfect. Can you tell me only function to walk to character ?
  3. MrMuniez

    open [Python]Auto Trade

    Change Net etc for that you tell and still this same. I still dont understand How to get DstSlotNumber for slot in exchange window. That Script only must do Open Trade With My Character Move all Dragon Shard to trade and Accept. At This time only move all Dragon Shard dosent work and i dont know why ... Thats my second python script
  4. MrMuniez

    open [Python]Auto Trade

    Server Metin2 Polish Gameforge. Runing from M2Bob Python Loader. Still SendExchangeItemAddPacket dosent work.
  5. MrMuniez

    open [Python]Auto Trade

    Tested and nothing happen. But if i comment 3 last lines: net.SendExchangeItemAddPacket(i, exslot) net.SendExchangeItemAddPacket(attachedInvenType, i, exslot) exslot += 1 Code normally run. I dont have any idea how make this work... After change exslot += 1 to exslot=exslot+1 code run but still must have commented net.SendExchangeItemAddPacket functions.
  6. MrMuniez

    open [Python]Auto Trade

    Hi. I want create simple python script to autotrade withother character. On this moment i finding player with nickname and starting trade. But i cant add all items to trade window. Heres my simple code: import ui,app,chat,chr,net,player,item,skill,time,game,shop,chrmgr,thread,event,exchange SWITCH_RARE_VNUM = 30270 start = 0 end = 2000000 SzamVID = 0 exslot = 0 for vid in range(start, end): if chr.GetInstanceType(vid) != 6: continue if chr.GetNameByVID(vid) == "DajSeNaLuz": SzamVID = vid break net.SendExchangeStartPacket(SzamVID) for i in range(0,90*2): if player.GetItemIndex(i) == SWITCH_RARE_VNUM: chat.AppendChat(chat.CHAT_TYPE_INFO, "Odłamek znaleziony") net.SendExchangeItemAddPacket(i, exslot) exslot += 1 net.SendExchangeAcceptPacket() I think problem is that i dont understant how to use net.SendExchangeItemAddPacket function. Somebody can explain what is wrong here?