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  1. VegaS™

    solved Python color string
  2. VegaS™

    open Python Fail

    Try to replace: vnums = sorted(vnums) With: vnums.sort()
  3. Metin2 Color Formatter A simple class which convert the values into a string by a specific color name. Python Color Constants Module: Ex-How-To-Use: text = CFF.format('Metin2', 'green') text = CFF.format(8000, 'banana') text = CFF.format(412.55, 'red') text = CFF.format('Pending', '#113355') text = CFF.format('Item name:', 'springgreen', CFF.FLAG_NEW_TAB) + CFF.format(item.GetItemName(), 'chocolate') text = CFF.multi_format(('a', 'b', 'c'), 'red') # text[0], text[1], text[2] Github repository:
  4. VegaS™

    [RELASE] Multiple login saver

    @baneme22 root/ import string
  5. VegaS™

    open NUL NUL in syserr - 07:38 - 07:45 (1.3) Spamming Do not spam in this board. Posting a topic or a question once is enough. If you don't get an answer maybe your question needs more description. Or nobody is able to help you there. Double post aswell as double threads will be punished with an infraction.
  6. VegaS™

    [SMALL RELEASE] Same IP Detection

    Good idea, but you should return false if GetDesc is nullptr, not true. static const bool __FN_check_ip_ptr(const LPCHARACTER pkChr, const LPCHARACTER pkTargetChr) { if (!pkChr || !pkTargetChr) return false; const LPDESC pkDesc = pkChr->GetDesc(); const LPDESC pkTargetDesc = pkTargetChr->GetDesc(); if (!pkDesc || !pkTargetDesc) return false; const std::string & stIPAddress1 = pkDesc->GetHostName(); const std::string & stIPAddress2 = pkTargetDesc->GetHostName(); return (!; } static const bool __FN_check_ip_str(const std::string & stIPAddress1, const std::string & stIPAddress2) { return (!; } // const bool bIsSameIP = __FN_check_ip_ptr(ch, tch); // const bool bIsSameIP = __FN_check_ip_str(row[0], row[1]); It's a little bit useless if two guys play metin2 from same network connection, as @Chyu ^^ said. We can use HWID (Hardware Identification) for this detection, much better.
  7. VegaS™

    [RELASE] Multiple login saver

    Nice idea, but I'd use crypt.triple_des, for save data, like: # write open(fileName, 'wb').write((crypt.triple_des(unhex(your_hex_str))).encrypt(cPickle.dumps({'userID': userID, 'userPassword': userPassword}), ' ')) # read self.loginDataDict = cPickle.loads((crypt.triple_des(unhex(your_hex_str))).decrypt(open(fileName, "rb").read(), ' '))
  8. VegaS™

    open How can I get name of selected item?

    self.questionDialog.SetText(localeInfo.MESSENGER_DO_YOU_DELETE % self.selectedItem.GetName())
  9. VegaS™

    open problem with

    I rewritted the many years ago and erased all the code which isn't used like korean characters < bad encoding and more checks. (from 900+ lines to 400)!xD41xQID!mRj2OQPTVXGCnCzN8f6f8fldqyU0vUsmSZcoOc4tBVU
  10. In many games the alignment or grades are by specific sex.
  11. @avertuss Your compiler doesn't support this feature (list initialization (since C++11)). Replace: const std::vector<const std::string> vecTitleName{c_szTitleNameF, c_szTitleNameM}; With: std::vector<const std::string> vecTitleName; vecTitleName.push_back(c_szTitleNameF); vecTitleName.push_back(c_szTitleNameM); Or: const char * c_szTitles[] = {c_szTitleNameF, c_szTitleNameM}; const std::vector<const std::string> vecTitleName(c_szTitles, c_szTitles + sizeof(c_szTitles) / sizeof(c_szTitles[0]));
  12. VegaS™

    [Just Ask]

    Great question, I understand nothing.
  13. VegaS™

    [RELEASE] Notice color fix (from Lua)

    This fix is very bad, you can use RE library and fix it with 3-4 lines. m ='\|c([a-zA-Z0-9]+)\|h', '|cFF29bfbf|hMetin2 is dead.') # TODO: Replace |h|r with: str() # TODO: Replace |c + m.groups()[0] + |h with: str() Is just an example, good luck.
  14. VegaS™

    python [PYTHON] Get Initial Lang

    You can do something like that. root/ Add at end of line: import requests def GetLanguage(locale_region_default = 'en'): language = locale_region_default try: request = requests.get('', params=None) if request.status_code is 200: for locale_region, country_code_tuple in LOCALE_REGION_DICT.iteritems(): if request.json().get('countryCode').lower() in country_code_tuple: language = locale_region return language except requests.exceptions.ConnectionError: return language # Initialized just one time LANGUAGE = GetLanguage() How to use it: import localeInfo print localeInfo.LANGUAGE
  15. VegaS™

    open Python syntax not quite right

    The code which you tried is called Python Inner Functions, and for use it you have to declare it inside of another function and call it. Delete it and put this: root/ #Search for: self.SetSize(wndMgr.GetScreenWidth(), wndMgr.GetScreenHeight()) # Add after: ### START OF REGISTER ENVIRONMENT BASED ON SERVER TIME self.environmentInfoDict = { 4: 'd:/ymir work/environment/metin2_map_n_flame_dragon_01.msenv', 8: 'd:/ymir work/environment/mtthunder.msenv', 12: 'd:/ymir work/environment/bayblacksand.msenv', 16: 'd:/ymir work/environment/capedragonhead.msenv', 20: 'd:/ymir work/environment/snowm02.msenv', 22: 'd:/ymir work/environment/trent02.msenv' } environmentHour = (app.GetGlobalTimeStamp() / 60) / 60 % 24 if environmentHour in self.environmentInfoDict: environmentFileName = self.environmentInfoDict.get(environmentHour, constInfo.ENVIRONMENT_NIGHT) if app.IsExistFile(environmentFileName): background.RegisterEnvironmentData(0, environmentFileName) background.SetEnvironmentData(0) else: dbg.TraceError('Cannot find environment file (name: {:s})'.format(environmentFileName)) ### END OF REGISTER ENVIRONMENT BASED ON SERVER TIME