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  1. OtherChoice

    open 3d model problem

    Hello everyone, I do not usually ask others for help about developing but this time i encountered some difficoulties with something i'm not really into: 3d models. As a coder graphics and so on are my bane. Long story short this is my problem: i have a 3d model + texture and relative animation ready to use, it is correctly displayed in game but its position is wrong, it lays slightly under ground cutting the model in half. I understood the problem: the starting point (don't actually know specific terminology) is either set at the center of the model or anyhow wrong but i don't know how to fix it. I hope some of the good graphic developers of this forum will find some time to help me out. I will attach the model to this thread. Best regards. chest_colossus.rar
  2. OtherChoice

    open Help with bonuses

    To be clear: your function __CanAddItemAttr(self, dstSlotPos) has a wrong false However this function will return true for bonus 1,2,3,4 and false for 5,6,7 and it is used to check whether you can add a bonus with reinforce item (vnum 71085). What was your goal? having reinforce item higlighting the item?
  3. OtherChoice

    open Help with bonuses

    This is the function i have, as you can see the last part is different
  4. OtherChoice

    open Help with bonuses

    Both ITEM_ATTRIBUTE_SLOT_MAX_NUM and ITEM_SOCKET_SLOT_MAX_NUM are in Userinterface/GameType.h, and can be called as ATTRIBUTE_SLOT_MAX_NUM and METIN_SOCKET_MAX_NUM respectively within python scripts However sincerly i can't understand your code: attrCount = 0 //here you inizialize the constant for i in xrange(player.METIN_SOCKET_MAX_NUM): // for i in xrange(3): if player.GetItemAttribute(dstSlotPos, i) != 0: // GetItemAttribute: is this a custom function you made or are you using a incomplete type of the void //CPythonPlayer::GetItemAttribute(TItemPos Cell, DWORD dwAttrSlotIndex, BYTE * pbyType, short * psValue)? if so //it will check against ITEM_ATTRIBUTE_SLOT_MAX_NUM == 7 (it will return true for 5, 6 and 7th bonuses) return True if attrCount<4: //here if attrCount is 3, 2, 1 will return false is this intended? maybe attrCount>3 return False return False
  5. OtherChoice

    solved Magic dispel bug

    First make sure that void CHARACTER::RemoveGoodAffect() in char_affect.cpp is ok, it should be something like: Next go in char_skill.cpp and find: "if (IS_SET(m_pkSk->dwFlag, SKILL_FLAG_REMOVE_GOOD_AFFECT))" it should be something like this: Then, still in char_skill.cpp, check this: And if you find everything is ok then you can try 2 different things: 1)check you skill_proto in database but i highly doubt the problem is there 2)open every game/src/*.cpp and .h files in notepad++ -> Ctrl+F -> search for AFF_PABEOP in every opened document and go for every occurency manually checking if there's something wrong
  6. OtherChoice

    open Mall Bonus ui Affect problem

    Finally solved. Solution: /game/src/db.cpp and /common/lenght.h were somehow wrong, still don't know where exactly since there were no error or difference i could tell, but when i replaced those files with older backup i had everything run smoothly
  7. OtherChoice

    open Mall Bonus ui Affect problem

    I tried 4 different client i had with 3 different binary each, the result was always the same. Other icons display correctly only the account.account (safebox, autodrop, gold, exp) related ones don't
  8. OtherChoice

    open Mall Bonus ui Affect problem

    Everything is shown correctly, syserr is clean, and .dds file is ok, even items 71015-71016-71017, which apply the same uiaffect, are working smoothly and showing their icon I'm thinking of some source typo in the game/src/db.cpp, but i have no real clue.
  9. OtherChoice

    open Mall Bonus ui Affect problem

    Hello everyone, I encountered a weird problem while working on my local machine. Honestly its the first time i cannot solve a problem with some web searches and own investigations, that's why im starting this thread. This is the problem: mall bonus such as safebox, gold, drop, marriage, autodrop, are correctly applyed to accounts and are working perfectly in game, however client won't show their uiaffect on upperleft side of the screen. (every other affect such as skill or items is correctly shown) I run 40k, mainline_sg, client official 40k, and tried with some different client binary sources i had (same result). I thought my problem could have been in my uiaffectshower.py but it seemed to be ok while comparing to others i had. Sincerely i don't know what am i missing, but i hope some of you could help me find out a solution. Best regards.