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  1. Moț

    open cmake build error common/stl.h

    or #undef MIN #undef MAX stl.h ...
  2. https://github.com/sammy8806/m2server?files=1
  3. Moț

    open Random game crash

    gdb82 only
  4. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/2903318/how-do-i-change-a-mysql-table-to-utf-8
  5. Moț

    open problem with translate :SERVERSIDE

    Check object_proto from player.
  6. Moț

    open COnnection refused in putty

    use external ip, not internal. Edit: I think you're using vps from google cloud?
  7. Libevent and libbsd. Just i tested only db .
  8. Moț

    open Libjpeg error

    Run time library (MT & MTd)
  9. @Mind Rapist or your boost is old..
  10. Moț

    open Problem with source compiling

    RIP Compiler.
  11. Moț

    open How can i

    net.SendChatPacket("/test") check game.py for see more...
  12. Moț

    solved AsyncSQL - Question

    libsql, file AsyncSQL.cpp
  13. #include "check_server.h" in config.cpp
  14. this one ? https://imgur.com/a/MEqStVt