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  1. Shelby

    open My System Error

    no int dwVnum; DWORD dwVnum; building.h ....
  2. Shelby

    open My System Error

    for load the file dude, char YourFileName[256+1]; snprintf(YourFileName, sizeof(YourFileName), "yourfilename.txt"); and open it, etc..
  3. Shelby

    open My System Error

    use snprintf ..
  4. Shelby

    open Gcc49 compile error

    stl.h or stdafx.h #define __typeof decltype
  5. Shelby

    open Gcc49 compile error

    #define itertype(v) decltype((v).begin()) whitout space
  6. Shelby

    open Gcc49 compile error

    Use https://en.cppreference.com/w/cpp/language/decltype #define itertype (v) decltype ((v).begin ()) Or auto type . Like: auto it = 0; etc..
  7. Shelby

    open Gcc49 compile error

    use c++11
  8. Shelby

    open compile error game freebsd 11.2

    Without extension '.a' . Change in makefile.
  9. Shelby

    open DX8 and Eterlib

    the errors is ?
  10. Shelby

    solved Compiling source on newest FreeBSD

    the project source is only available on 32-bit, you need rebuild the extern for 64-bit and in Makefile change -m32 with -m64 for working or you can also create the project with cmake cross-platform, it's easy.
  11. Shelby

    Metin2 Converter by Helia01

  12. Shelby


    https://ufile.io/85uj5 No need sdk reducio.
  13. Shelby

    open item lvl

    Item_proto > Client
  14. bool PackInitialize(const char * c_pszFolder) { NANOBEGIN if (_access(c_pszFolder, 0) != 0) return true; std::string stFolder(c_pszFolder); stFolder += "/"; CTextFileLoader::SetCacheMode(); #if defined(USE_RELATIVE_PATH) CEterPackManager::Instance().SetRelativePathMode(); #endif CEterPackManager::Instance().SetCacheMode(); CEterPackManager::Instance().SetSearchMode(CEterPackManager::SEARCH_PACK); CSoundData::SetPackMode(); CEterPackManager::Instance().RegisterPack("pack/example.eix", "*"); CEterPackManager::Instance().RegisterPack("pack/example.epk", "*"); CEterPackManager::Instance().RegisterRootPack((stFolder + std::string("root")).c_str()); NANOEND return true; }