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  1. iBeast

    open How to Load NPC name from locale LIKE AS GF

    #remove (miss)
  2. iBeast

    open time in map quest

    I cant use it only inside of server_timer I think. "Timer" is player related... But I am not sure... It was only sample. iBeast
  3. iBeast

    Princess assassin

    Looks pretty! <3
  4. iBeast

    Opinion Armor

    I do not like it... For Metin is this armor ugly.
  5. iBeast

    open time in map quest

    Add me on Skype (contact on my website). I will look at it.
  6. iBeast

    open time in map quest

    (As I wrote... It is not tested, so theoretically yes) And yes, when timer runs out, it will do "commands" in that "when". iBeast
  7. iBeast

    open time in map quest

    You have not edited NPC ID in chat function.
  8. iBeast

    open time in map quest

    quest special map state start begin when xyz.chat."Take me to the map" begin say("Do you want to enter?") local s = select ("Yes", "No") if s == 2 then return end if s == 1 then pc.warp(x, y) timer("leave_timer", secs) end --Warping and setting timer end --when when "leave_timer".timer begin --When runs out - returns to basic position timer pc.warp(x, y) end --when end --state end --quest Try it this way... Code is not tested, only "sample". iBeast
  9. iBeast

    open time in map quest

    Then switch map to CH99 and then quest function with timer and after timer ends, warp player back to town. Hope I helped, iBeast
  10. Some dialogs in locale are missing. Hope I helped, iBeast
  11. iBeast

    open Inventory expansion

    All not... You can also unpack official server...
  12. iBeast

    open Inventory expansion

    Why dont you download and unpack it from other server? iBeast
  13. iBeast

    open Implementing New Weapons

    What about syserrs?
  14. iBeast


    He wrote me privately on Skype so I will help him...
  15. iBeast


    Why dont you upload it in /var/db/mysql? Just put it there and then extract it/use it. Hope I helped iBeast