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  1. ThunderCore

    Metin2Mobile Skill Effects

  2. ThunderCore

    Metin2Mobile Skill Effects

    New Video ! Support us:
  3. ThunderCore

    Metin2Mobile Skill Effects

    We did the beta some months ago. More informations at: We will release a demo on 21 december 2018.
  4. ThunderCore

    Metin2Mobile Skill Effects

    Why not ?
  5. ThunderCore

    Metin2Mobile Skill Effects

    Opinions >?
  6. ThunderCore

    Metin2Mobile Skill Effects

    I just leave this here.. waiting for your opinions. NEW VIDEO !!
  7. ThunderCore

    [SEARCH] Berserk Models

    You can contact us at skype : -EDIT-
  8. I want to buy something from you. I ve contact you on Skype. Are you Dexter on Skype? My skype is mariushcm

  9. ThunderCore

    OX Quiz creator online

    That's an free community. Why should i have to shut up ? I just have said my opinion. This is an usefull tool Download: in attachement Virustota-FalsePositive: P.s. Found on the internet. OxQuiz.exe
  10. ThunderCore

    OX Quiz creator online

    I'm sorry, i don't wanna be Discourteous, But this is the most stupid thing that i have ever seen in my whole life ! wtf dude ? this tool is just writing some words inside a 1 line code, who didn't know to do this manually it doesn't deserve to have a metin2 server.
  11. ThunderCore

    Is the "Metin2" Still alive?

    Why did you say that ?
  12. ThunderCore

    Is the "Metin2" Still alive?

    The questation is : it is alive anymore ? Does it worth to open a metin2 server in the day of today?
  13. ThunderCore

    Regen Generator

    Can you reupload please?
  14. ThunderCore

    Problem with armor in 3Dsmax

    It seems that you didn't skinned the armor
  15. ThunderCore

    Berserker - First Presentation (New Character)

    No, My Grandma I do think that he asked you this: "who made the character modeling/sculpting/texturing?". And the answer isn't your grandma or you. Your grandma/you did just a basic skinning from existing bones of the wolfman on some 3D ripped models. Don't be a jerk with others where you can't dude. He just asked you a simple question. Upon that, quite a nice project. A bit out for metin2 I guess relating to all the other characters, but nice. Looking forward. I didn't used any of Wolfman resources and i can Prove that! I already apologized for the answer, i was just kidding And by the way.. if you search on the forum, you will find an older presentation of berserker that's older than wolfman