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  1. Snobi

    Client-Interface illumina

    illumina v0.2http://www.mediafire.com/download/wsbfiqtmer3kol3/illumina_v0.2.zip Link HS
  2. Do not worry, you're already getting help here. Otherwise I found a lot of little bug. the chat channel you can not click to go to the general - envelope or other. (I will test with the new) the store, I arrive at the openes and everything but not the menu is displayed but the window to buy the stuff does not open
  3. Would you be able to talk to each other discord? it seems to me that you are French? Thx youu
  4. iRETEMAG => https://mega.nz/#!KohEDK7K!obSFJJOYRubNia3SzB8KHp61re65DJNV_OykQJrTQt4 Roxas07 I do not have this on my normal client? thx you
  5. Good evening, HD mode does this at home, otherwise the rest is good thank you again Roxas07 for your help Scale Mobs Map Red 1
  6. Ok thank you, for cons small trouble I have monsters / pnj, which grows a little too much, I must deco / reco for its back as before, a solution?
  7. Good thx you for help, I have a little question, in terms of titles, the colors in mysql color1 / color2 / color3, what type of color? because I tested the hexcolor but it does not give the colors that wish, thank you again for your help
  8. Hello, I have a little trouble with the étole system, When we unquip it remains on the character, other players see it too, a person would have an idea to correct this little problem? thx you
  9. Snobi

    League Emote System for Metin2 - meleme18

    just huge good job