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  1. Syriza

    c++ New Item Type = ITEM_GACHA

    can someone fix the problem @WLsj24 mentioned? @xP3NG3Rx
  2. Any real senpai out there ?
  3. Syriza

    solved Bleeding Problem

    This entire Thread is a meme but what really made me laugh is this banana gotta give you props for that one
  4. Syriza

    open Problem with a new Inventory

    Edit: somehow, the problem was because of the python part, i did not fixed it yet - but if someone decides to do the same as i did, pm me. i will help you.
  5. Hello community, I've copied the belt inventory and made it a book inventory. At the moment everything works well. But I have the error that nothing can be stored in the second inventory page or outstored https://gyazo.com/e665c4a2eb77ce55eb7d4b588af3b62d https://gyazo.com/50b9ea724f872aeb6983e368e9df04ed I made 2 gif's where my problem is shown. As you see if you are in the first inventory page, there are no problems - but if you click on to the second, this problems appear. I am at a loss and hope for help. What is also not seen in the 2nd gif is the chat because it appears when storing in the 2nd inventory page the following sentence: You can not do that. in charitem.cpp || bool CHARACTER::MoveItem if (!IsValidItemPosition(DestCell)) { ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, LC_TEXT("You can not do that.")); return false; } This is the code block, where the chatpacket is.
  6. I Already made research and i knew this method, but im not able to do it on my own. Im pretty sure, you would help a lot of user.
  7. Hey guys does anyone have a Tool to Convert the Information on metin2wiki for example chest contents into a valid Code to use for? I need it really
  8. Syriza

    solved Bleeding Problem

    Please stfu if you have no clue on the official Metin2 bleeding CAN kill you, like fire does.
  9. Syriza

    c++ Extend Time

    Hey, first of all thank you for your post. As far as i understood, this new item increases the time for a certain item is this correct?
  10. he hacked your server!!
  11. Syriza

    python [Python] Refine item description

    nvm. // my notepad is bugged.
  12. Syriza

    python [Python] Refine item description

    why do you have a developer rank?
  13. Syriza

    c++ [RLS]Official Inventory Expansion

    Hide the icons of locked slots then move items in locked position
  14. Syriza

    c++ [RLS]Official Inventory Expansion

    If inventory is locked you Can still move items in the locked slots Or is it just by me?
  15. Syriza

    New Skills 2018

    Are you the real Shogun