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  1. Shang

    Metin2 - Unstuck character function

    Maybe from Akami2.
  2. The 1.jpg image must be in d:/ymir work/ui. When using .sub the default path is d:/ymir work/ui. You can change this on binary src.
  3. Shang

    [GF-Servers] Channel ID Reminder

    Guys we have a very recent root scripts and if you open the game.py you'll see they use a cmdchat every login on the game.
  4. Shang

    [RLS] Reversed Moving UI Classes

    Thank dude, really appreciated! P.S: The CMoveImageBox is used with the catch the king event as well.
  5. Shang

    c++ [RLS] item_full_set renewal

    I can't see the video in my country dude.
  6. Shang

    Website to Buy Games

    Why you put your own link?
  7. Shang

    solved [Request]ui.Gauge improvement

    Or maybe you have to read. The gauge is the hp bar.
  8. Shang

    solved [Request]ui.Gauge improvement

    He means the hp effect.
  9. Shang

    python Name randomizer

    Are u actually opening the names file every time that you press the random button? awesome...
  10. Shang

    solved [Search] MartySama's Client

    If you bought his services contact him, if not, you will get anything requested in this forum.
  11. Shang

    [Preview]Jurassic Park Horus

    Atreya stuff?