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  1. Shang

    c++ [RLS] item_full_set renewal

    I can't see the video in my country dude.
  2. Shang

    Website to Buy Games

    Why you put your own link?
  3. Shang

    solved [Request]ui.Gauge improvement

    Or maybe you have to read. The gauge is the hp bar.
  4. Shang

    solved [Request]ui.Gauge improvement

    He means the hp effect.
  5. Shang

    python Name randomizer

    Are u actually opening the names file every time that you press the random button? awesome...
  6. Shang

    solved [Search] MartySama's Client

    If you bought his services contact him, if not, you will get anything requested in this forum.
  7. Shang

    [Preview]Jurassic Park Horus

    Atreya stuff?
  8. That's because the login input or the password input from the login interface is still focused. You need to kill their focus before going to the char select.
  9. Shang

    python Skills cooldown tooltip

    Delete the uiTaskbar.py part from the guide. Find this in def __OnUpdate(self): if True == self.expGaugeBoard.IsIn(): self.tooltipEXP.Show() else: self.tooltipEXP.Hide() Add this under: startNumber = 0 for slot in self.quickslot: for i in xrange(4): slotNumber = i+startNumber (Type, Position) = player.GetLocalQuickSlot(slotNumber) if player.IsSkillCoolTime(Position): (coolTime, elapsedTime) = player.GetSkillCoolTime(Position) slot.SetSlotCoolTime(slotNumber, coolTime, elapsedTime) cooldownDelay = 0 cooldown = int(coolTime-elapsedTime+cooldownDelay) self.cooldownText[slotNumber].SetOutline() self.cooldownText[slotNumber].SetText("%d" % cooldown) cooldown = str(cooldown) self.cooldownText[slotNumber].SetPosition((7, 2, -1)[len(cooldown) - 1],0) self.cooldownText[slotNumber].Show() else: self.cooldownText[slotNumber].Hide() startNumber += 4
  10. Shang

    [Hades] Final Version - Multi Kill System

    Wtf the last kill ahaha
  11. What is the bug?