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  1. open Flashing | in chat

    Idk. Google it.
  2. open Flashing | in chat

    EterLib/GrpTextInstance.cpp // Include this file: #include "../EterBase/Timer.h" // Find (in Render method): if (m_isCursor) // Replace with this one: if (m_isCursor && (ELTimer_GetMSec() / 500) % 2) // Blinking draw when the TextLine is EditLine
  3. open Bug MD in Itemshop

    Is not my itemshop, but I know how developers feel when their work goes leak and people asks for support. Is not c++ btw.
  4. open Bug MD in Itemshop

    Easy to understand, BYTE datatype is from 0 to 254, you can not make it negative so it gives you a positive number. if amount < 1 then return end Btw, too nerve to ask for support from a leak.
  5. Ridack Animation + Effect For Fun

    As I said, too bored.
  6. Ridack Animation $ Throw Money $

    You're too bored.
  7. I'll take a look when I have time.
  8. Main post updated, try the fix please and tell me if it fully works.
  9. open Array of functions

  10. c++ Items tradable

    Waaaaaaaat? Just change the anti flag in item_proto omg.
  11. c++ [C++] Erase EventFlag Function!

    You're too obsessed with marty lol.
  12. open Decrypt file foxpack [PAY]

    Lol you have the foxfs src in rubinum src >.<