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  1. That's because the login input or the password input from the login interface is still focused. You need to kill their focus before going to the char select.
  2. Shang

    python Skills cooldown tooltip

    Delete the uiTaskbar.py part from the guide. Find this in def __OnUpdate(self): if True == self.expGaugeBoard.IsIn(): self.tooltipEXP.Show() else: self.tooltipEXP.Hide() Add this under: startNumber = 0 for slot in self.quickslot: for i in xrange(4): slotNumber = i+startNumber (Type, Position) = player.GetLocalQuickSlot(slotNumber) if player.IsSkillCoolTime(Position): (coolTime, elapsedTime) = player.GetSkillCoolTime(Position) slot.SetSlotCoolTime(slotNumber, coolTime, elapsedTime) cooldownDelay = 0 cooldown = int(coolTime-elapsedTime+cooldownDelay) self.cooldownText[slotNumber].SetOutline() self.cooldownText[slotNumber].SetText("%d" % cooldown) cooldown = str(cooldown) self.cooldownText[slotNumber].SetPosition((7, 2, -1)[len(cooldown) - 1],0) self.cooldownText[slotNumber].Show() else: self.cooldownText[slotNumber].Hide() startNumber += 4
  3. Shang

    [Hades] Final Version - Multi Kill System

    Wtf the last kill ahaha
  4. What is the bug?
  5. Shang

    open Block lalaker1 hack

    Headers are BYTE data types which means the max value of it is 255.
  6. Shang

    c++ Official Party Update

    In official servers the party is the same in all channels, looking your code without touching the db src... you can delete Official from the title.
  7. Shang

    open Flashing | in chat

    Idk. Google it.
  8. Shang

    open Flashing | in chat

    EterLib/GrpTextInstance.cpp // Include this file: #include "../EterBase/Timer.h" // Find (in Render method): if (m_isCursor) // Replace with this one: if (m_isCursor && (ELTimer_GetMSec() / 500) % 2) // Blinking draw when the TextLine is EditLine
  9. Shang

    open Bug MD in Itemshop

    Is not my itemshop, but I know how developers feel when their work goes leak and people asks for support. Is not c++ btw.
  10. Shang

    open Bug MD in Itemshop

    Easy to understand, BYTE datatype is from 0 to 254, you can not make it negative so it gives you a positive number. if amount < 1 then return end Btw, too nerve to ask for support from a leak.
  11. Shang

    Ridack Animation + Effect For Fun

    As I said, too bored.
  12. Shang

    Ridack Animation $ Throw Money $

    You're too bored.
  13. I'll take a look when I have time.