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  1. displayjokes

    open Change monster folder path

    Yess i did, i figured out now, on the new folder we want to add, on the .msm we only change the folder to the new one, and the model with the new skin. Everything else stays the same, pointing to the original monster! Problem solved! Thank you for your help!
  2. displayjokes

    open Change monster folder path

    taking this has an example, in my client i do have this msm file.. what am i doing wrong here?
  3. displayjokes

    open Change monster folder path

    Thanks for the reply, i did change the textures, i have texture path changer, something like that, i've fixed the path problem but the mount still doesn't come when i do /m 20247 (mob id), but the original mount does..
  4. displayjokes

    open Change monster folder path

    Hi! I was implementing new mounts on my server and i wanted to implement the same mount 2 or 3 times with diferent textures. For example i have a monster that is in a folder called lion, and i implemented that monster correctly, it shows up in the game, everything working fine. Now i want to make a monster with the exact same folder but different textures. So i copied the lion folder and renamed it for lion_black, i changed the texture path on the lion.gr2 model and also changed the paths inside the .msm and .msa files inside the lion_black folder to be not \lion\... to \lion_black\... like this: and when i put in the game, when i'm going to do /m mob_id gives me this error on syserr and i noticed it is still trying to get the \npc\lion\lion.msm instead of \npc\lion_black\lion.msm Here's a print with the original names: (it is leone_baso, and i'm trying to make a monster with the same exact folder by changing to leone_baso_black) Anyone can help me with this please? Any help is appreciated! Thank you!
  5. displayjokes

    open New Sashes Combine/Absorption

    Problem solved: You need to add the vnums for the new sashes here: Server source > common > vnumHelper: static const bool IsAcce_Grade1(DWORD vnum) {return 85001 == vnum || 85005 == vnum || 85011 == vnum || 85015 == vnum || 85021 == vnum;} static const bool IsAcce_Grade2(DWORD vnum) {return 85002 == vnum || 85006 == vnum || 85012 == vnum || 85016 == vnum || 85022 == vnum;} static const bool IsAcce_Grade3(DWORD vnum) {return 85003 == vnum || 85007 == vnum || 85013 == vnum || 85017 == vnum || 85023 == vnum;} static const bool IsAcce_Grade4(DWORD vnum) {return 85004 == vnum || 85008 == vnum || 85014 == vnum || 85018 == vnum || 85024 == vnum;} in my case i added the 85021, 85022, 85023, 85024. And you will need to add here too: client > root > constinfo.py : search this: def IS_ACCE_ITEM(itemVnum, abs): add after: elif itemVnum >= 85021 and itemVnum <= 85024: return TRUE And if you want to add more sashes, add the IDs you want! Took long time to solve this, god.. Hope it helps someone!
  6. displayjokes

    solved Problem Mount like a horse

    Try to check the quest, you might have to unsumon it when you mount it. (i've not checked, but i believe the mount is "called" like a pet to follow you around so whenver you unmount you call it has a pet, when you mount you unsummon) I had this problem in other files i was working on and solved doing that
  7. displayjokes

    open New Sashes Combine/Absorption

    I've added a lot of new sashes to the server and during my tests, i could not combine nor absorve items. I drag the sash into the square and nothing happens. The system works like charm on "normal" sashes, from id 85001 to 85018. Not even one from those i've added work. Any help is appreciated! Thank you!
  8. displayjokes

    open Costume Specific Bonus

    Did everything there, worked like charm! Thank you!
  9. displayjokes

    open Costume Specific Bonus

    Hi! I'm trying to do something like restricting the bonuses that can go on costumes, for example Something like that but that works, i want to get only: hh, str, dex, int, con (for example) when changing costumes. Currently i believe i have the same has the "normal" items, for example: weapon skin has the weapon bonuses, costumes has the same bonus has the armors.. etc.. Any help is appreciated! Thank you!
  10. displayjokes

    open [Shaman]Bug Heal Skill USE_SKILL: 109 pkVictim 0x0

    i'm not sure about this, but can you copy the line with the skill (109 usually it's healing) from locale > your language > skilltable.txt ?
  11. displayjokes

    open Rearrange Client Pack Folder

    I knew it had to be a simple thing, i've tried to change the file name but never though about changing on index, Thank you!
  12. displayjokes

    open Rearrange Client Pack Folder

    i'm searching here: is it supost to be there? If so, i search root, or any other file from the pack folder but i cannot find what i want For example, i have this files on pack: metin2_patch_snow_dungeon (with my extenstions, but i believe the extensions doesn't have anything to do with it right?) And here is the search: Sorry, i'm kinda newbie at this
  13. displayjokes

    open Rearrange Client Pack Folder

    Hi! So i've been searching a lot lately and i cannot find what i want to. Here's a explicit example of what i want to do: i have root.epk and root.eix i want to change the name to namethatiwant.epk and namethatiwant.eix I cannot find the files to do this. Any help is appreciated! Thank you!
  14. displayjokes

    open [BUG/PROBLEM] Walking/Running

    Only pressing W on two diferent PCs i got different results, on my computer i had that bug, with the same character, same speed, same moves (only W) everything was ok on my girlfriends computer >.< I went to sleep, when i woke up and tested it was normal 0-0
  15. displayjokes

    open [BUG/PROBLEM] Walking/Running

    Don't ask me why, it's solved, i did nothing.. "Bug Fixed" you may close this