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  1. PACI

    open Temple Ochao - Black Floor

    Setting.txt terrainvisible[TAB]0
  2. PACI

    [RELEASE]Fix Korean Errors #PART1

    !ch->IsDead() for FCountMonster is also handy.
  3. PACI

    open Python ignore function

    I assume you already have the Ignored group added to your client's friends list. If that's not the case, just take a look at root/uiMessenger.py and UIScript/messengerwindow.py and follow the pattern. Now I'd personally cache the file's entries at the client's startup, but even if you don't do that, the concept's still the same. Loop over your file lines/dict content and then use the AppendMember(key, playerName) function in order to add the entries to the list. Regarding the deletion, it is almost the same, the only difference is you firstly need to find the object, FindMember(key), and then use the RemoveMember(obj) func.
  4. PACI

    open Python ignore function

    Is that file client or server sided?
  5. PACI

    open Python ignore function

    Got the idea and stuff, but you didn't clarify where's the problem at. Is it the deletion thingy?
  6. you can't use any kind of quest function that sends the player into a suspended state (e.g: wait(), input(), select()) with a login statement. if you want to use it that way, add a quick timer, and then do the stuff.
  7. PACI

    solved Bug pet mount

    i don't even know why you're using the same piece of code on each condition. there's no difference at all. it's useless. also, you're using item.vnum (item.get_vnum()) without anything pointing to an item.
  8. -> say("")
  9. PACI

    solved How to get client bonus name on quest

    if you have an ingame ui for your system just send the affect id to the client. otherwise you have to build a lua table having the ids as keys and the names as values.
  10. PACI

    open Newbie with lots of questions.

    yes my bad, was a long time ago and didn't remember correctly. yes it is.
  11. PACI

    open Newbie with lots of questions.

    1. metin2 is open source since the beginning of 2015. through a leak. 2. no, 1/10 here are actually reverse engineers. 3. as i said before, we got everything through a leak. 4. you can give it a search. took the source-files published in 2015 and modified them.
  12. petLevel * affectMaxValue / petMaxLevel
  13. PACI

    solved Problem with flame dungeon monsters

    probably mob_color.
  14. PACI

    open PM from quest?

    you can do it without even touching your source files, messing around with the quest login statement and a cmdchat().