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  1. PACI

    open i need info of dark protection

    Keep in mind they did changes to a couple of skills with the balancing update. So this one could have been one of those as well. Therefore, there's a chance wiki's data is either out or up-to-date.
  2. PACI


    You better throw your frustrations on somebody else, my post never had the purpose of offending, nor I think I'm doing it. I never said it wasn't tested or working or if it was paid, whatever. Furthermore, never said I could do better as well. I could have saved my comment but I felt like leaving a positive thing, even if I didn't finish reading the post, 'cause I didn't, as I said above. If you took it as a personal attack, mate, I'm sorry, but you should get your shit straight.
  3. PACI


    I must say I stopped reading on the first code-block, but thanks for the contribution!
  4. PACI

    open Shaman buff target visual bug

    Head to d:/ymir work/pc/shaman/skill and post here, let's say, jeongeop 2, 3 and 4.
  5. PACI

    [RLS]Private Shop Search System

    How about fixing it yourself?
  6. Because that area is out of the button's parent range. In other words, it's limited by your taskbar's height, in this case.
  7. PACI

    open Random game crash

    You should had reverted every recent change you did to your core already. What is that CSemaphore thing that shit is talking about?
  8. Probably the client sniffing around. That exact character (along with brackets and vertical bar) is used for parsing quests' strings sent by the server. At this point, you may have noticed that the client doesn't only receives whatever text a quest has, but also an event type bound to that said text, being it formatting, window resizing, image preview, etc. Those actions are read this way. This is what the server will send to the client, using the example you provided above: [QUESTION resume;0|1;Hi, how are you today;|2;Close] resume stands for, eh.. a suspended state, can be said iirc. Meaning that it requires the player to answer. Everything else are necessary data the binary will send to the python-side of your client in order to create the so well known: chat-event. In order words, the buttons. My suggestion is to jump into your PythonEventManager class for further info. The parser is in EterLib/parser.*
  9. PACI

    c++ Mob attacking mobs

    ATTMOB AIflag in mob_proto.
  10. PACI

    Transmutation better Shang | LeNnt?

    Shang(ai) is the real deal.
  11. PACI

    open Some questions about LUA functions

    It is not the seed you have to use for comparison, but the random number generated by math.random(). Calling it once - math.randomseed(os.time()) - is enough, otherwise the randomness could break. Anyhow, 'nothing changed about the drop chance' as in? Doesn't even drops, drops too much, not enough? My suggestion is to use a simple debug message just to be sure which values number(a, z) is returning, and comparing it to your chance constant.
  12. PACI

    open Some questions about LUA functions

    The best results are achieved using os.time() for seeding. math.randomseed(os.time()) local random = math.random(1, 100) print(random) However, I prefer to use the built-in function for these kind of matters: number(min, max).
  13. PACI

    open Temple Ochao - Black Floor

    Setting.txt terrainvisible[TAB]0
  14. PACI

    [RELEASE]Fix Korean Errors #PART1

    !ch->IsDead() for FCountMonster is also handy.
  15. PACI

    open Python ignore function

    I assume you already have the Ignored group added to your client's friends list. If that's not the case, just take a look at root/ and UIScript/ and follow the pattern. Now I'd personally cache the file's entries at the client's startup, but even if you don't do that, the concept's still the same. Loop over your file lines/dict content and then use the AppendMember(key, playerName) function in order to add the entries to the list. Regarding the deletion, it is almost the same, the only difference is you firstly need to find the object, FindMember(key), and then use the RemoveMember(obj) func.