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  1. Hello, it is time to play metin2 on the smartphone! The following game should just show you, that it is possible to use metin2 models, dungeons or animations on a smartphone. It's not the same game as on the PC. It rather a game like Templerun. A game which is the same as on the PC, is still in development. The language is currently in Turkish, but maybe come soon also other languages. Important things that you should know: Devam et = Resume Game ( you resume the same level from the start), yeni oyun = New game ( if you are level 2 and you click on this, then you will be again level 1) , çıkış = Exit You can download the game from the PlayStore if you search for metin2, metin2run or m2run. Or you click on the following link. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.M2Run.M2Run Here is also a short gameplay https://www.facebook.com/m2serverinfo/videos/902330299856136/ (thx nybu) Credits: Keyto, Onur (Mekan35m), EnesFG, TGames
  2. Keyto

    Metin2 6. character Preview [Keyto-Shop.com]

    @Human: Q.1 Yes Q.2 Only female version Q.3 the skills are now done The new character is ready for sale. Thanks Kaito for the skills.
  3. Keyto

    Metin2 6. character Preview [Keyto-Shop.com]

    Thanks for your feedback I haven't thought about the price. Update new 11 Armor + 2 novice Armor:
  4. Hello, i want to show you here my new 6th character You can contact me or visit my website for more informations
  5. Hello, I release here for you a new pet. It is an bad rabbit Pet with attack and death animations. If you have a new pet system with attacking pets, then you can also use this for it. For more models you can visit my site. http://keyto-shop.com/ Keyto bad rabbit pet.rar