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  1. Paradyse

    open quest function

    Hey m2dev, im trying to write a new Dungeon/run but I only want to open it to players in a Party. Problem is i dont know the function to check if a player is in a Party or not. does anybody have a function like that. kind regards edit: found it its party.is_party() edit2: is there a way to only port the party that started the dialog?
  2. Paradyse

    Quest problem

    Hey metin2dev, i made a warpring quests where i would like certain maps only to open if the user finished a quest. i know that i could to that with questflags but i want to have 8 maps and it should be possible to make quest 3 and 5 and only unlock these maps. kind regards
  3. Paradyse

    2 Simple(?) Questions

    i just want that 1 npc to despawn the rest shoud stay there
  4. Paradyse

    2 Simple(?) Questions

    Hey guys i have 2 questions: 1 how do I make my Mounts stay out like Normal Horses? 2. how do i Despawn mobs with a quest? i want that an npc despwans when i ended the chat with him?