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  1. Traceur3RUN

    open ToolForPatcher / CRC List / LZ Pack [Bugged]

    i arleady tried there no option to create files.lz
  2. Hello, i use ToolForPatcher , but doesn't work when work2/not_work3/ there some better program to create crclist and lzpack that work on all directory? because this work only at pack/ not work when you have pack/pack/
  3. Traceur3RUN

    open New Function mob.get_name

  4. Traceur3RUN

    open New Function mob.get_name

    doesn't work try: send_letter(string.format("[MOB value;%d]", 172)) Screenshoot:
  5. GO TO client binary GameLib/ItemData.h search: ITEM_ANTIFLAG_MYSHOP add this under ITEM_ANTIFLAG_SAFEBOX = (1 << 17), // 합칠 수 없음
  6. Traceur3RUN

    open YangLimit

    there more bugs like this?
  7. Traceur3RUN

    open YangLimit

    Your code is bugged. When you learn book. It givr you 90x level
  8. Traceur3RUN

    open New Function mob.get_name

    Hello, someone can write for me one new function? i mean mob.get_name from client not from serverside name. thanks
  9. Traceur3RUN

    open How to Load NPC name from locale LIKE AS GF

    bump, GF arleady have done it, and load it from locale/
  10. yes, still the same problem.
  11. sysser is clean syslog when i click on npc i got this Oct 25 11:28:52 :: OnClick Stable Man[vnum 20349 ServerUniqueID 14621, pid 0] by Tester maybe mainline_released have bug with this function in source? i can without problem use it if pc.getqf("test") == 0 then --todo elseif pc.getqf("test") == 1 then --todo end but i can't use it here: when 1231.chat."test" with pc.getqf("test") == 0 begin because always return null i think i can fix syslog return pid 0 by change this: sys_log(0, "OnClick %s[vnum %d ServerUniqueID %d, pid %d] by %s", GetName(), GetRaceNum(), vid, GetPlayerID(), pkChrCauser->GetName()); change to this: sys_log(0, "OnClick %s[vnum %d ServerUniqueID %d, pid %d] by %s", GetName(), GetRaceNum(), vid, ch->GetPlayerID(), pkChrCauser->GetName()); but this is nothing to quest function.
  12. you wrong understand me... 1.click on test chat-> it send to database "test" value 1. and dissapear chat."test" but if you change character or logout or server restart it will be always showed because allways pc.getqf("test") will return null (0) but on database you have 1
  13. Hello, i have a problem with quest.... example my quest: quest test begin state start begin when 1231.chat."test" with pc.getqf("test") == 0 begin pc.setqf("test",1) end end end when you change character etc and you have this on database "test" == 1 but in game you still see chat "test"