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  1. Open account.account hit ctrl + d and set a default value
  2. open

    std::string tag = ""; if (std::string(GetNameString()).find("[Admin]") != std::string::npos) { tag = "smth"; }
  3. open

    You posted everything except the most important part auth
  4. I'm up for the idea, but don't expect too much from the others, cus you know every1 is just gonna ignore your post and just write "i have this bug help me pliss"
  5. open

    The attack part is at client src so you need to change that too
  6. Post the whole output
  7. You don't even tell us at which table they are and you expect us to help? Be more specific.
  8. Rainbow ftw haha
  9. You can edit ProtoReader at db for that
  10. Use cache and update it like each X hours it's pretty easy
  11. Since it's released it will be easy to create fixes for this protection, so I don't recommend using it.
  12. Use c++11 or replace std::unique_ptr with std::auto_ptr
  13. FFS, check the PythonSafebox everything is there: