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  1. Check your tabs at 458 line at uiminimap
  2. c++ Seen System[SHOP]

    Wouldn't it be better to store the "Guests" inside a vector and then check if the guest already exists in it, if yes don't add the guest to vector, if no add it to vector then send to client? I'm just narrow-minded when it comes to quest flags haha
  3. open Help fopen

    But.. you know why we need google if we have our metin2dev
  4. open P2P Login Send Problem

    Show us the actual code
  5. open Source question

    Check how kill trigger works and find where in the src the trigger is called
  6. windows Problem with connections (network)

    Try reinstall your network drivers(delete the current ones first tho).
  7. Official Block System(Not Official Addings)

    You should make the minimap dot disappear too
  8. open Change the font of client

    Or add them at prototype
  9. open Change the font of client

    localeInfo.UI_DEF_FONT = "Arial:14" localeInfo.UI_DEF_FONT_LARGE = "Arial:16" //or localeInfo.UI_DEF_FONT = "Tahoma:12" localeInfo.UI_DEF_FONT_LARGE = "Tahoma:16"
  10. open Locale.lua problem

    Are you sure its the locale.lua? It may be the quest
  11. open Refine percentage success

    Check if there are >= 3 items and then change the position with SetPosition event from ui
  12. So you are gonna add a packet for just 5/6 lines of code? net.SendChatPacket("/anyone_teleport %s" % self.AnyoneSystem.GetText()) # no need to escape the quotes with backslashes
  13. solved Help offline shop pack error

    Failed to load script file : uiscript/attachstonedialog.py
  14. open 1678 client by Daroo

    Either use source to compile your own cores either use vanilla's. Don't forget to download 40k client
  15. case YOUR_ITEM_VNUM: { if (IsPolymorphed()) { return false; } int dwVnum = 0; if (item->GetVnum() == 50300) { dwVnum = item->GetSocket(0); } else { dwVnum = item->GetValue(0); } if (0 == dwVnum) { item->SetCount(item->GetCount() - 1); return false; } SetSkillLevel(dwVnum, GetSkillLevel(dwVnum)+1); } It should work

    Why you didn't use boost to split? Wouldn't it be easier like this: std::string arguments = "arg1,arg2,arg3"; std::vector<std::string> container; boost::split(container,arguments,boost::is_any_of(",")); // container.push_back("test"); for (auto & element : container) { printf("Output: %s\n", element.c_str()); }
  17. Hello community, Today i will show you how to change keys Open your binary with HxD and replace those keys with yours keys. Standart Lzo Key : B99EB0026F69810563989B2879181A00 Standart Χtea Key : 22B8B40464B26E1FAEEA1800A6F6FB1C StandartI tem_Proto Key: A1A40200AA155404E78B5A18ABD6AA01 Standart Mob_Proto Key: 467449000B4A0000B76E08009D186800 Item_Proto: 4D495058 Mob_Proto: 4D495054 EIX: 4D434F5A EPK: 45504B44 After changing those keys extract all your archives and then open your archiver and change the keys there too (the keys must be same client/archiver) and then pack it and you are done! Regards.
  18. Open account.account hit ctrl + d and set a default value
  19. open TAG FOR EACH GM

    std::string tag = ""; if (std::string(GetNameString()).find("[Admin]") != std::string::npos) { tag = "smth"; }
  20. open Channel is Open but Can not Login

    You posted everything except the most important part auth
  21. Canva for Q&A

    I'm up for the idea, but don't expect too much from the others, cus you know every1 is just gonna ignore your post and just write "i have this bug help me pliss"
  22. open [C++] Party

    The attack part is at client src so you need to change that too
  23. source errior

    Post the whole output
  24. Question - skill_vnum & skill_level

    You don't even tell us at which table they are and you expect us to help? Be more specific.
  25. Belt Inventory fix

    Hello community, Bug: http://metin2dev.org/board/topic/2640-belt-inventory-bug/ The title says everything ^^ Open input_main.cpp and find this: if (!ch->IsEmptyItemGrid(p->ItemPos, pkItem->GetSize())) return; Under that add this code: for (WORD belt_index = BELT_INVENTORY_SLOT_START; belt_index < BELT_INVENTORY_SLOT_END; ++belt_index) { if (pkItem->GetType() != 3 && p->ItemPos.cell == belt_index) { if(pkItem->GetSubType() != 0 || pkItem->GetSubType() != 11 || pkItem->GetSubType() != 7) { ch->ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, LC_TEXT("ΐΜ ΎΖΐΜΕΫΐΊ Ί§Ζ® ΐΞΊ¥ΕδΈ®·Ξ ΏΕ±ζ Όφ Ύψ½ΐ΄Ο΄Ω.")); return; } } } Finally, it should looks like this: I don't know if it is the best fix but it does its job.