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  1. You don't even tell us at which table they are and you expect us to help? Be more specific.
  2. Hello community, Bug: The title says everything ^^ Open input_main.cpp and find this: if (!ch->IsEmptyItemGrid(p->ItemPos, pkItem->GetSize())) return; Under that add this code: for (WORD belt_index = BELT_INVENTORY_SLOT_START; belt_index < BELT_INVENTORY_SLOT_END; ++belt_index) { if (pkItem->GetType() != 3 && p->ItemPos.cell == belt_index) { if(pkItem->GetSubType() != 0 || pkItem->GetSubType() != 11 || pkItem->GetSubType() != 7) { ch->ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, LC_TEXT("ΐΜ ΎΖΐΜΕΫΐΊ Ί§Ζ® ΐΞΊ¥ΕδΈ®·Ξ ΏΕ±ζ Όφ Ύψ½ΐ΄Ο΄Ω.")); return; } } } Finally, it should looks like this: I don't know if it is the best fix but it does its job.
  3. Today I'm gonna show you how to compile the mainline_released client binary. Tools we will need: VS2008,Visual Studio 2008 SP1 We will need to make two folders on our hard drive for example include_stuff and lib_stuff after that we go to srcnovalineSrcsToolsWorldEditorexterninclude and copy all that things into include_stuff next go to srcnovalineSrcsToolsWorldEditorexternlib and copy all that things into lib_stuff next open srcnovalineSrcsToolsRAD Game go to lib then win32 and copy all that into lib_stuff next go to srcnovalineSrcsExternlib and copy all into lib_stuff after this go to srcnovalineSrcsExterninclude and copy all into include_stuff In VS 2008 go to Tools->Options->Project and Solutions->VC++ Directories=>Select Include files and include there your include_stuff folder then select Library files and include there your lib_stuff files. Finally we did it Select to release mode and press ctrl+shift+b Kind Regards, Denic
  4. You can edit ProtoReader at db for that
  5. Use cache and update it like each X hours it's pretty easy
  6. Since it's released it will be easy to create fixes for this protection, so I don't recommend using it.
  7. If he just received the lamp from another player?
  8. Hi, Since some people asked me the 7/8 skills skill_proto here it is
  9. Why kill python
  11. How did you do the quest then?
  12. You can either use source to do that either use quest with affect.add_collect(x,x,x)
  13. #closed
  14. Try adding a syschat to the quest, to see if it's even running
  15. Try removing the two zero's from each pc.warp
  16. Novaline client and mainline server
  17. Use GetChild instead of GetObject
  18. It should work
  19. At uiinventory.InventoryWindow().RefreshBagSlotWindow() add Remove the constinfo though.
  20. AppendSellingPrice/AppendPrice