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  1. Denis

    Hide weapon when you use emotions

    What about thinking on how to fix it yourself?
  2. Denis

    Encrypting python files :)

    Hmm yea maybe I will do a tutorial about it, I don't know for sure.
  3. Denis

    Encrypting python files :)

    https://gyazo.com/feb2b32474c88856fba34fee8dfdba35 The gif shows everything
  4. Denis

    [C++] Command Temp GM Rights Function

    Put at least some kind of authentication..
  5. Check your tabs at 458 line at uiminimap
  6. Denis

    c++ Seen System[SHOP]

    Wouldn't it be better to store the "Guests" inside a vector and then check if the guest already exists in it, if yes don't add the guest to vector, if no add it to vector then send to client? I'm just narrow-minded when it comes to quest flags haha
  7. Denis

    open Help fopen

    But.. you know why we need google if we have our metin2dev
  8. Denis

    open P2P Login Send Problem

    Show us the actual code
  9. Denis

    open Source question

    Check how kill trigger works and find where in the src the trigger is called
  10. Denis

    windows Problem with connections (network)

    Try reinstall your network drivers(delete the current ones first tho).
  11. Denis

    Official Block System(Not Official Addings)

    You should make the minimap dot disappear too
  12. Denis

    open Change the font of client

    Or add them at prototype
  13. Denis

    open Change the font of client

    localeInfo.UI_DEF_FONT = "Arial:14" localeInfo.UI_DEF_FONT_LARGE = "Arial:16" //or localeInfo.UI_DEF_FONT = "Tahoma:12" localeInfo.UI_DEF_FONT_LARGE = "Tahoma:16"
  14. Denis

    open Locale.lua problem

    Are you sure its the locale.lua? It may be the quest
  15. Denis

    open Refine percentage success

    Check if there are >= 3 items and then change the position with SetPosition event from ui