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  1. No. Use the pkg system to install the stuff, not the ports. So if you make "pkg install -y gmake", you wont need to install it again by ports.
  2. [FAST] Looking for Developer in C++

    100€, you can pm me.
  3. if (GetGMLevel() >= GM_LOW_WIZARD && GetGMLevel() <= GM_HIGH_WIZARD)
  4. open Python script trade, could pay

    Now you explained what it must do. Do you think we guess what the fuck you want?
  5. open Python script trade, could pay

    Learn to describe properly or get ignored.
  6. open Dedicated Server what is needed?

    HDD? For backups sure. Else SSD all the way, this is 2018, not 2004. Up to 8gb ram? Relative, read above. 16Gb being the standard. 1Gbps? Sure, the more the better, but needed? Absolutely no. Have you ever measured the bandwitdth used by the server? Its so freaking low. What he needs to focus on is latency. 100mbps with 10ms is infinite better then 1Gbps with 50ms.
  7. open AutoAttack "Bug"?

  8. open Dedicated Server what is needed?

    There is no "buy server A it can hold 5k players". The more cores you have, the more minimum ram you need, also more CPU you need, but probably less map lag for players (don't make 1 core for each map also..). Then your mysql server, should be tuned up to use a part of your ram to cache queries and make subsequent same queries faster. There's a lot of factors to consider, but even a 4gb ram server can hold that many players or more, its all relative on your server design and the smooth experience you want to deliver, or not.
  9. open Dedicated Server what is needed?

    Depends on how many cores.
  10. Looking for developer

  11. Looking for developer

    250€ to start
  12. Developer / Freelancer

  13. c++ ServerInfo On Binary

    Sending it like that isn't a bit pointless? Why not make the connections really in the binary instead of sending to python?
  14. open FAST @@@

    750€, fast, last chance