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  1. tierrilopes

    open Python

    Client source
  2. tierrilopes

    open Virtual box network adapter?

    Thats how to setup freebsd with bridged network adaptor. Everything else you need to do it yourself. .
  3. tierrilopes

    open Virtual box network adapter?

    VMware > VirtualBox
  4. tierrilopes

    open Attack speed bug

    Max attack and mov speed is defined in server source.
  5. tierrilopes

    open Google Authentificator Metin2

    It is. You got the matrix as example of it being possible and not hard to do.
  6. tierrilopes

    open IDE's for server src

    VisualStudio with visualgdb.
  7. tierrilopes

    Several toughts

    Saw your post. You own me 10€ now. __ None, client size and performance improvement
  8. tierrilopes

    open PHP does not show greek

    DB & php: Encoding --> UTF8
  9. tierrilopes

    open Compiling the PackMaker

    Remove reducion completly and then use vs2017.
  10. tierrilopes

    open Server memory problem

    Maybe it would help saying every step you already did so we don't ask again.
  11. tierrilopes

    open Server memory problem

    If it happens with two different gamefiles, then install a fresh copy of freebsd 11.1 for example and retry. Note: Changing serverfiles doesn't imply you changed your game and Db, but well.
  12. tierrilopes

    open Server memory problem

    I mean another gamefile, from other source
  13. tierrilopes

    open Server memory problem

    Looks like the mother of all memory leaks. Try another game just to test it