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  1. tierrilopes

    open upgrading to visual studio 2017

    https://stackoverflow.com/questions/12652178/compiling-libjpeg The answer that tells you to download win32.mak
  2. tierrilopes

    open Resistance HH

    Use any of the other countless resist bonus as a guideline.
  3. tierrilopes

    open upgrading to visual studio 2017

  4. tierrilopes

    [Mini Release]Rituals Stone

    http://wiki.metin2.it/index.php/Pet_Reverti http://wiki.metin2.it/index.php/Pet_Revertus 55029 Pet Reverti 55030 Pet Revertus
  5. tierrilopes

    [Mini Release]Rituals Stone

  6. tierrilopes

    open FreeBSD 11.0 Source

    Jesus christ, already made and sent you that weeks ago. You only need to paste your source there and hit compile.
  7. tierrilopes

    open Oracle VB Error

    2018 >>> vmware workstation
  8. tierrilopes

    open How i activate Test Mode? Debug Mode?

    Then your quest dont have any error?
  9. tierrilopes

    open legal or illegal

    Consider the legal expenses and time spent to pursue every single private server.
  10. tierrilopes

    open How i activate Test Mode? Debug Mode?

    It already exists in your config.cpp Go to your CONFIG of all channels, edit/add this line: test_server: 1 Restart server. __ Confirm that you have something like this at questmanager.cpp: and at questlua.cpp: questlua.h:
  11. tierrilopes

    open How i activate Test Mode? Debug Mode?

    Whats your source? Some sources published got test mode removed, mainly because they suck at coding.
  12. tierrilopes

    open How to block deal damage

    FindSpecifyItem >> GetItem (equiped cell slot)
  13. tierrilopes

    solved Return 1 damage to a specific mob

    Do you want to change the "hit" only or also skills? Changes at the stated functions for hits and arrows (example on arrow): battle.cpp int CalcArrowDamage int battle_hit for skills: char_skill FuncSplashDamage Do you want critical and so on to also work or to always 1 damage, independently of critical, penetrate, etc? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ If you want ONLY 1 damage to mobs (hits, skills, criticals, etc), ignore the previous steps and Go to char_battle.cpp, in the damage function, edit like on image: