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  1. tierrilopes

    open [HELP]Anti_Exp

    Private message
  2. tierrilopes

    open [HELP]Anti_Exp

    Because that is not any exp blocker at all. If you want to block exp, make a ring like that sure, but having it to change the value of a quest_flag, for example: BLOCK_EXP 1 to turn it on BLOCK_EXP 0 to turn it off And then in your source, at CASE_EXP: You check if the player has a quest_flag of BLOCK_EXP = 1, if the player does, then you do a return at the begining so that it ignores all the exp processing. Thats the only way to really block exp gain, the one you added was used before source appeared and it was already crap, because if the exp you gain is higher then your exp required to level up, you will level up first and then it will remove you the exp.
  3. tierrilopes

    open Login crash problem

    If you have a guess of where it could be i can send you mine to compare
  4. tierrilopes

    open Login crash problem

    900 x VNUM 30000 1500 x VNUM 101 Still logs in without delay/crash. I also enabled the names to make it pull more resources and be heavier
  5. tierrilopes

    open Looking for a function

    I leave you here an example of how i did what you pretend: void CInstanceBase::UpdateTextTailLevel (DWORD level) { static D3DXCOLOR s_kLevelColor = D3DXCOLOR (152.0f / 255.0f, 255.0f / 255.0f, 51.0f / 255.0f, 1.0f); static D3DXCOLOR s_Red = D3DXCOLOR (0xFFFF0000); char szText[256]; if (!strcmp (GetNameString(), "[Tierri]")) { sprintf (szText, "[Mr.Vector] "); CPythonTextTail::Instance().AttachLevel (GetVirtualID(), szText, s_Red); } else { sprintf (szText, " Level %d ", level); CPythonTextTail::Instance().AttachLevel (GetVirtualID(), szText, s_kLevelColor); } } If character name == [Tierri], it shows: [Mr.Vector] [Tierri] Instead of Level 99 [Tierri]
  6. tierrilopes

    open Login crash problem

    45 * /m 30000 20 = 900 Does yours also crash if you run 45 times this command?: /m 30000 20 If not, can you add here your edited command for me to test in the same exact conditions as yourself?
  7. Sorry but that will never really compete. https://www.hetzner.com/cloud Check the differences, you cant even compare them. And hetzner is just one of the top providers, not a "metin2 hosting company". A company that has "metin2 servers", isnt really a company. __ If you wanna start your business with hosting, then do it the proper way and for example show WHY people should choose your service. P.S: Eterhost, brings back old memories, only provider that can rival it in terms of "crapness" is blazing.
  8. tierrilopes

    solved How to remove 's from dropped item name?

    http://www.cplusplus.com/articles/1AUq5Di1/ Expression 1 = ApplicationStringTable_GetString(IDS_POSSESSIVE_MORPHENE) == "" Expression 2 = "'s" Expression 3 = ApplicationStringTable_GetString(IDS_POSSESSIVE_MORPHENE) So you can just leave it with ApplicationStringTable_GetString(IDS_POSSESSIVE_MORPHENE): static const string & strOwnership = ApplicationStringTable_GetString(IDS_POSSESSIVE_MORPHENE);
  9. tierrilopes

    solved [PYTHON] os.remove() does not working.

    https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/b80153d8.aspx https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/desktop/api/fileapi/nf-fileapi-findfirstfilea https://docs.microsoft.com/pt-pt/cpp/c-runtime-library/reference/remove-wremove?view=vs-2017 https://docs.microsoft.com/pt-pt/cpp/c-runtime-library/reference/stricmp-wcsicmp-mbsicmp-stricmp-l-wcsicmp-l-mbsicmp-l?view=vs-2017
  10. tierrilopes

    solved [PYTHON] os.remove() does not working.

    You can do that easilly on the binary.
  11. tierrilopes


    You should had follow my advice instead of replacing. Did you replace a folder called mysql ?
  12. tierrilopes


    turn on rain files in your pc or throw those into a mysql server in your pc, go workbench/navicat to that table and dump as sql or transfer to destination.
  13. tierrilopes

    open Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Client

    PM when you see this.
  14. Used some nice leaks to get a drop % approximated to the official server. Then i worked on a function until i could get aproximate results as those of my guideline (batch results), that could also consider the item grade (as in item+3 harder to drop then item +0), if its a quest item or not (again, official like) Here (drop list locked to the first 4mobs to make the gif): Then it matches the name with protos (to get the vnums) from the same official server as the wiki. Then the 3 buttons is batch exporting stuff
  15. tierrilopes

    solved uitooltip text from sql

    Add a new "specialvalue" column to your item_proto, matching the values you got on db and then use it.