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  1. tierrilopes


    Tibia isnt even the same genre as metin2 (its a damn browser game), so i just dont understand those comparisons. If you wanna do that to prevent yourself from damage hacks like you refered there, dont fool yourself, protos got nothing to do with damage hacks. Go ahead and do it. I wont lose more time showing what can and will go wrong. When you finish quote me and i will demonstrate the crap that happens with it.
  2. tierrilopes


    Doesnt seem like the best comparison in my opinion. Does wow, gw2, tera and such use serverside only "protos"? Dont think so. Why? Due to my first reply.
  3. tierrilopes


    You understand that the client_side protos were made to avoid always fetching the info from db correct? Making them serverside only means you will self dos your db, i dont think thats something you want.
  4. tierrilopes

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  5. tierrilopes

    open Rearrange Client Pack Folder

    I meant using the 'search in all files' (open any file from the solution, ctrl+f, write what you wanna find, adjust the dropdown to search in all files of the project) visual studio function to change the "root" folder. root is defined in the client source and needs to be changed there. If you want to rename the other packs (where you got the maps and so on) for example: metin2_patch_snow_dungeon into my_patch1 Just change the file name and corresponding name in the Index file (or in your UserInterface if you have the loading on source)
  6. tierrilopes

    open Rearrange Client Pack Folder

    Client source, search "root"
  7. tierrilopes

    CH3HP DDoS

    cloudflare "under attack" mode ripped off with httrack and edited design
  8. tierrilopes

    CH3HP DDoS

    In metin2 DEV (from developer, or should it be from newbie?) people fell for that kid? Really? Hes using stressers, most of the times the free plan, you cant just go to your provider panel and block it? I wonder how the hell you have a server and that kid owns you, maybe it should be a reminder to go learn instead of opening servers in the first place.
  9. tierrilopes

    open Cannot load MOBDropItemFile

    Make your own files and dont use downloaded garbage, let this be a warning to prevent issues like those.
  10. tierrilopes


    Tell it to most of pservers that run stuff out of the box and give 777 to everything
  11. tierrilopes

    Metin2 - Unstuck character function

    Log the char and test it, to bug that char i went between the two npcs next to the wall, attacked in wall direction to be closer and then hit unstuck. Seems that what @Raicon described can be made (here at first try), so it could also be used on stuff like ox event, blue dragon and such.
  12. tierrilopes

    Metin2 - Unstuck character function

    With the code on your available client, that function can be used to enter inside buildings and the function won't get you out of them.
  13. tierrilopes


    I summon Jesus Christ to clean the sins. Btw, if you're the owner and trust no one in your team, or don't give them high permissions or then hardcoded is indeed the better option. It's way harder for someone to steal your source and edit your game core (or hex ) then to enter database and change stuff, because sql injection is so 'hard' in crappy mt2 sites. Personally I would just change permissions of gm ranks. Now remember that easy to change in database also makes it easier to hack.
  14. Enter rescue mode, install freebsd from there. Also digitalocean...not the best for metin2 though.
  15. tierrilopes

    [search]Quest teleport map1 when you die

    Do exactly as its written here and with the quest above.